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Staying connected with our colleagues for life

Alumni events by Deloitte in India

At Deloitte, we’re passionate about building a lifelong relationship with you. We are committed to your achievements no matter where your career takes you.

“Colleagues for life,” sound familiar? Well that’s our distinguished community and what the Deloitte Alumni program is about—whether it is to stay in touch, or to imbibe our colleagues into the talent lifecycle.

How you may ask do we do that? It is through collaboration and fostering relationships that we thrive. So, it should come as no surprise that our alumni are not only a potential talent pool, but also high-quality sources of candidate referrals, and networking opportunities.

For us, our people are our strength, our greatest asset, and each one shapes the unique culture at Deloitte, thereby setting us up for achievements. And we like to stay true to one of our core values—to take care of each other—irrespective of where our talent is, whether they are currently with us, or they’re our colleagues. So, while we don’t want to lose anyone, we take pride in knowing that our talent, not only contributed to Deloitte, but also go on to make meaningful contributions to society, through the skills and experience they’ve garnered here.

For our growing community of hundreds of alumni from Deloitte, the last year came with opportunities to add and renew connections. There were two alumni events, across Bengaluru and Hyderabad, where the Alumni Program collaborated with the business to host these events.

With the mantra of staying connected and remaining invested in the success of our alumni, the events saw the exchange of updates, sharing of insights, deepening of connections, between Deloitte and our alumni, and among alumni themselves.


What do our leaders say?

With DTTL CEO Puneet Renjen’s vision of staying in touch and leveraging alumni relations in the journey towards undisputed leadership, along with strong support from our business and talent leaders, alumni events are now an added avenue for learning, sharing, and growing together. Here are a few snippets from what our leaders have to say: 

Viraj Malhan, Office Management Director, Deloitte Tax Services India Private Limited:

“Once you are part of Deloitte, you’re always part of Deloitte. Staying connected with former colleagues is important for maintaining and growing our business, as these relationships can be a major supply of valuable talent to us and can even transform into future clients. At the events, not only did we gain industry insights, but we were able to provide the same to many of our alumni.”

Viraj in conversation

Nichola Holt, Principal, Deloitte Tax LLP:

“It’s a really fantastic way to get reconnected with alumni who are now with clients and competitors. What I really loved is how we were able to show them how much Deloitte has evolved since they left, and how quickly it's evolved and continues to evolve.”

In many ways, alumni carry the values of Deloitte with them and act as brand ambassadors for us. In the context of new modes of work and the emerging ‘future of work’, these ‘communities of Deloitte’ within and outside the organization are key to our success in the coming decade.


What do our alumni say?

Our colleagues found the connect events as a great opportunity to learn about the latest updates in the industry, what are the changes in Deloitte that have come about since they left, and most of all, let this serve as an opportunity to renew old connections and refresh old ones with leaders and former colleagues. Here’s what our alumni have to say:

Manasa C:

“I really liked this event. It's like coming back to my home after a long time. When I received the mail that there's an alumnus meet, I felt happy that I can get back to my home and see my friends, colleagues and leaders and get an opportunity to connect with them, learn things from them, and see what's new with Deloitte.”

Sandeep Kavety:

“This has been an enriching experience for me. Coming to the event, it was almost like a college reunion. I met a lot of my former colleagues and juniors here. It's been a wonderful experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Ramya N:

“I've met a lot of leaders here. We used to see them on the floor, but today we got to meet them one-on-one. The insights they gave, the thoughts on what I can do were extremely valuable. The kind of difference that Deloitte brings into each person's life, that matters a lot.”

Karunakar M Malgireddy:

“Once you are part of Deloitte, Deloitte will always remain your family. They're one of the factors that make the company special. They made me feel that the company really cared. Big thanks for the networking session. It helped me connect with some incredibly smart people.”

Alumni connect

Through the events, we can say with certainty that our colleagues cherish the culture, sense of belonging, and learning opportunities that they had during their time at Deloitte, and how this continues to help them in their career. Moreover, they expressed gratitude for the opportunity to interact with the leadership, and with each other, where they could form new connections and refresh old ones.

This year, we are poised to host alumni meets for more businesses and across more locations in India, making 2020 a year of celebrating connections to our alumni network.


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