Posted: 24 Aug. 2020 5 min. read

A very virtual summer internship

The first-of-its-kind and an enriching experience

All locked-down, and no fun, makes one a dull intern. But not if you were #DeloittedThisSummer! Read to know how our interns joined us from their homes for a very virtual Deloitte internship experience.

Every year Deloitte welcomes a fresh batch of interns to our offices and provides them with their first glimpse to the corporate world. Traditionally, there is a strong reliance on face-to-face interactions and team-bonding, all for the interns to learn and grow, while having a glimpse of the Life at Deloitte.

But this year, things turned out to be quite different.

In a time where travelling restrictions were many, and the world is dealing with a pandemic, it was not possible for our interns, across India, to report in-person to the offices. So, we thought of a way to bring the Deloitte experience to them—through the very virtual summer 2020 internship.

In fact, this year’s program was a unique opportunity for us, to give the class of 2020 a virtual experience of Life at Deloitte. The interns, no doubt, wondered about how this virtual internship would work, but they learned quickly and put their best forward to make the program a success. And at Deloitte, we were determined that we weren't going to let them down.

From day one of their virtual journey, interns were provided with holistic support through Buddies, Mentors, and Sponsors. They were encouraged to be autonomous and think out-of-the-box from the their HHQs (home headquarters).

virtual summer internship


Were we successful in our endeavours?

We believe so—since the resounding feedback came from our key stakeholders themselves—the students! 

Hundreds of young minds across four business areas were not only a part of a program that was adapted to accommodate the new normal, but also made history by being the first batch of Deloitte interns to complete an internship program virtually ever. Each intern, from their respective business areas, was the first to get a virtual ID, a unique virtual orientation, as well as got to hear from and interact with our leaders.

All work and no learning may leave one a dull individual. So, to make sure this internship no less than the ones we’ve had so far, we created a holistic learning plan with a mix of self-placed and instructor-led sessions for the interns.

These included, but were not limited to, sessions around design thinking, communicating with executives, storyboarding, and more.

During our informal sessions, the interns were pleasantly surprised that it’s not all business at Deloitte. They participated in various fun activities. These interactions and fun moments helped the interns bond and create memories.

virtual summer internship


The internship program concluded with a presentation by the interns—they put together their learnings for a review panel which comprised of leadership from respective business areas.

The interns took to social media to thank those who supported them to make an impact that matters and that gives us a feeling perhaps, we did a decent job in onboarding our interns virtually and providing them with an internship experience that they found to be valuable.

A big thank you to all our interns for spending your summer with us and making work fun!


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