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Postcards of positivity, courage and resilience

Coming together to give back through our commitment to community

The year that went by, highlighted undoubtedly by the global pandemic, affected more individuals, businesses, and communities than we could imagine. And knowing what we leave behind, we look forward to brighter times ahead.

It is during these tough times, last year, that some of our professionals stepped up for our communities—as they came together in the spirit of connection and collaboration.

These professionals understood that no one should have to navigate these tough times alone. As they stepped up to offer their wholehearted support through acts of positivity, courage and resilience, these impassioned volunteers demonstrated the importance of collaboration and taking care of each other (among the many values upheld by our professionals).

A year into adapting to respond, recover and thrive from the pandemic, we gathered stories of resilience, compassion, and commitment from across our network of professionals. It is these acts of courage that demonstrated the importance of an understanding and a willingness to do what it takes to live up to our commitment to community. 

Here are a few such stories.

Stepping up to work together for support 

Prathima L Madireddy, Assistant Manager, Deloitte Consulting India Private Limited. believes in the concept of “Circle of Influence”. There are some things you can control, and some you cannot. Yet, there is always something you can do. With issues of unstable incomes and food supply shortage wreaking havoc on the lives of migrants due to the COVID-19 crisis, Prathima and her neighbors sprung into action to help in whatever way they could. 

Prathima provided space for a makeshift kitchen, and found neighbors, cooks, and vendors who were willing to pitch in with their contribution. Over the course of three days, they were able to send out 500 packers of food to migrants. As Prathima rightly believes, once you set your mind to help others with your circle of influence, the universe ensures that the little details fall into place to make it happen.

Coming together for local acts of kindness 

As the world started to realize the magnitude of the COVID-19 outbreak, Panindra, Consultant, Deloitte Consulting India Private Limited was determined to play a part in helping the needy. The next morning, he signed up to be a volunteer with a group that worked as an Emergency Response Team. They also volunteered with Akshay Patra to pack and deliver food to those in need every day. On average, 300 food packets were delivered across 14 locations in North Bangalore.

Their other motive as a team was to spread awareness about social distancing, the first stop being public places like pharmacies and grocery shops. A training on giving presentations, which Panindra underwent at DU: The Leadership Centre in India, came in handy as they educated the public on hygiene and social distancing, with the police department standing by for support. Their efforts were recognized by the media, and government officials. While this motivated them to do their best, according to Panindra, nothing compares to the heartfelt appreciation which the Corona Warriors received from the people they helped and the appreciation from the police department.

Giving a new lease on life to stray animals

Being an ardent animal welfare enthusiast, when Archit Singh Kohli, Senior Analyst, Client and Market Growth, Deloitte Support Services Private Limited came to know about the lockdown in Hyderabad due to COVID-19, his thoughts immediately darted to the dogs he would regularly feed outside the workplace with the help of a few like-minded colleagues. He knew the dogs had no other source of food considering all food establishments and street vendors were shut—leaving them and thousands of other street animals with no reliable source of food and water during this period.

Fortunately, he wasn’t alone in his thoughts for them. Within some time of the lockdown announcement, a welfare network in Hyderabad initiated a dialogue with the government authorities on different ways to tackle the issue. Consequently, the Municipal authorities started to issue volunteer permits that would allow individuals to feed the strays during the lockdown. He applied for a movement pass and as soon as he received it, he was a regular at feeding the stray dogs.

Over the last couple of months, Archit has been regularly feeding around 70 street dogs along a 50-kilometre route stretching from his residence to the workplace. It is by far the most gratifying experience for him during these uncertain times. 

In summary

It is in these everyday moments that these professionals held a piece of the better world we need, through the support that they extended towards each other and our communities. Through these acts, these professionals upheld the cause of helping drive positive and meaningful impact, as they came together to make a difference for the greater good.


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