Posted: 10 Oct. 2023 3 min. read

Making a difference and being the difference

Kushal Roy talks about his professional journey as a gay man

I’ve known that I am gay since I was six years old, even though back then, I did not have the words or understanding to identify myself as so. I have always been open and vocal about my sexuality; it wasn’t that hard for me to come out. However, I faced a lot of trauma growing up, and it took my family some time to accept me as I am. When I began working, I was not sure if I could ever be open about being gay hence, I presented a different version of myself. Things changed when I decided to bring my authentic self to work, inspired by a simple act of allyship from a leader. 

As a young gay professional, it was important to feel comfortable and accepted at my workplace. When your true self is non-traditional, how much of it can you really bring to work?



That thought worried me, and so I tried to ‘fit in’. I would speak in a deeper voice and try to limit my hand gestures. As someone who gets really excited about things, I would restrain my expressions because voices in my head kept telling me, “You are too gay, too feminine, too flamboyant…”

A simple act of allyship 

One day I received a text from my leader with the word ‘inspiring’ in it for a link to an article about me ‘coming out’. Sometimes, all it takes is an ally to make you feel comfortable. That’s the power of one person. I've witnessed many successes and setbacks over the years, but one thing that always stuck with me was the importance of having a network of support, especially in the workplace. Like my leader did it for me, let people know that it’s okay to share and be open about your choices.

Be there and be you

Another way to make workplaces more inclusive is through mentoring and being a role model. Being an openly gay person, I believe in my ability to be a role model for other professionals and support those who are on a similar journey. Don’t separate the ‘work you’ from the ‘real you’. If you can bring your authentic self where you don’t have to worry about hiding your pronouns, hiding (from) your family, and putting a picture on your desk like everyone else, all of these make an impact. Being yourself can inspire others to be themselves.

Since the beginning, I have noticed that Deloitte walks the talk when it comes to diversity and leaves no room for discriminatory practices. I feel a sense of belonging here, a place where I am empowered to innovate and advance my career journey. My sexuality is one of the many parts of who I am. At Deloitte, I am glad I am celebrated for being me.




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