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Read on to hear what our boomerang hires have to say

Welcome Home Boomerangs!!

Guneet Kaur—Internal Services

Reasons for return:

Fair recognition for my work and abundant growth opportunities are my reasons for joining back Deloitte. I love the Deloitte way of life where leaders align opportunities to one's growth opportunities and colleagues are supportive of work-life fit options.

Neha Kiron—Consulting

Reasons for return:

The people, the culture and the sense of being with the best. I was experiencing déjà vu on my first day of rehire. I was back in the same place where I had begun my career—a place I hold very close to my heart. My colleagues were excited and welcomed me with warm hugs. Though I have joined another service line, I am home.

Raja Sekhar Krovvidi—Advisory

Reasons for return:

Inspiring and supportive leadership and warm, flexible, and friendly work culture are a few reasons that helped me decide to rejoin Deloitte. The encouragement I get from my fellow professionals at every step, boosts my confidence and uplifts my morale.

Mandeep Singh—Advisory

Reasons for return:

I have always found Deloitte's work culture to be a very positive one. I have also met many colleagues who are helpful and who always made me feel at home here. So, when I got a second chance to join Deloitte, I grabbed it with both hands. It is like returning to my family.

Noopur Majumder—Internal Services

Reasons for return:

In 2008, I made a much-studied move in order to experience how Talent teams across different ecosystems function. After considerable learning, I realized how Deloitte never left me. I was so accustomed to its process-oriented work culture which fosters innovation of any scale. When Deloitte offered a second opportunity, I couldn’t resist the temptation of returning home.

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