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Career Journey: Betsy Kipgen

Discovering the facets of communication

In a global matrixed environment where work is increasingly becoming communication-centric, Betsy uses her experience in language learning and design, cultural communications & leadership development to deliver innovative solutions for enhancing communication competences. She’s also a social media enthusiast and a promoter of social learning. When she’s not at work, her pets—Daisy and Scooby—fill her hours with laughter and fun.

How do you describe what you do at Deloitte to friends and family?

I come up with solutions that provide the right environment and experience for Deloitte professionals and clients to have a great learning journey. It involves building strategies and aligning the right teams, technologies, capabilities, to constantly elevate learning moments from simple to extraordinary.

What were some of the factors that led you to pursue your career at Deloitte?

I had a great interview experience where I could not only demonstrate my skills but also learn about the team that I would be working with. Curiosity, experimentation, and creativity define me. From what I learned of Deloitte and the conversations I had, I knew it would open new avenues and doors for me to innovate in learning design and do more of what I love. Additionally, working in a large organization could give me the exposure and experience I needed at that point in my career.

My day typically begins with—

A hot cup of tea! Then, it’s onto catching up on what needs to be accomplished for the day. I go through emails and check in with the team to get things rolling. On most days, I have working meetings with project teams, status updates, design consultations, and reviews for ongoing projects. I set aside some time to connect with DU guests, development teams, and key stakeholders to understand their aspirations and to foster collaboration.

A big part of my routine is also finding inspiration through research whether it’s talking to people or research using internal and external resources.

The majority of my work involves—

Development, planning, and execution of strategic initiatives and projects at DU India that are critical to building and enhancing the DU India-Leadership Development Center brand. Along with it comes the elements of pushing innovation, developing metrics & measures, and managing stakeholder relationships to scale and sustain the initiatives and projects. In addition to my core work, I also lead a project aimed at helping development & learning professionals use innovative design practices.

In your own words, how would you describe Deloitte’s distinctive culture?

I am appreciative of the investment Deloitte makes in its people, in me. This is where I’ve learned to be my own person, do what matters, and really thrive from the culture of coaching.

What do you find most satisfying and meaningful about your career at Deloitte?
I feel like I live in my own TARDIS. I get on new adventures, get to play a variety of roles, and explore uncharted territories.

What is one of the most memorable moments in your career at Deloitte so far?
When my name was called out as one of the recipients of the Chief Talent Officer—Special Award for outstanding client service and developing a culture of innovation. It came as a surprise and it was gratifying to see my hard work pay off dividends. It also speaks of the support and sponsorship I have from my leaders for me to do what I do best and learn what I can do better each day.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone interested in joining Deloitte?
Think about what you really want out of your career and be ready to reinvent yourself.


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