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Career Journey: Naba Sengupta

It’s not what the data says. It’s what it means.

Gauging everything from consumer sentiment to soil quality, Naba Sengupta helps clients in a variety of industries derive real value from the glut of data that’s available. That guidance has helped companies launch successful products, protect the food supply, and more.

I get to provide insight to clients—the kind of analytics interpretation they can use to guide their strategic priorities and help them achieve their goals.

— Naba Sengupta, manager, risk intelligence, Risk and Financial Advisory, Deloitte & Touche LLP

From data to decisions

Naba’s clients all possess something in common: data that can have an invaluable impact on their business. The degree to which it does have an impact is, in part, based on the deep assessment and counsel that Naba and Deloitte’s other risk intelligence professionals provide. Their work and advice help clients deploy the right tools, sift through and synthesize their mountains of available data, and then lead—rather than follow—in the marketplace.

More angles to consider

At Deloitte, Naba specializes in supply chain risk management, but that role is far more complex today than even just a few years ago. For a given client, he might be responsible for assessing the innovation landscape, the competitive field, consumer sentiment, regulatory changes, partnership opportunities and risks, technology considerations, supplier surveys … you get the idea. The result for clients can be increased operational efficiency for the present and better forecasting for what’s next.

Learning from people

Naba doesn’t just love the power of the analytics; he loves diving in with his clients, learning both their businesses and their personalities. His understanding and empathy have enabled him to offer a valuable perspective to help support Deloitte’s ongoing and "what's next?" overall review of its analytics offerings. It’s a great fit for this technologist who didn’t want to narrow his ambition to being just a technologist. He chose Deloitte for that reason, to join a culture of constant learning and expansion. It’s met his expectations, and then some.

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