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You understand the very real dangers cyber threats pose and embrace the challenge of helping keep people and networks safe. We offer a wide array of opportunities to work with industry-leading clients and projects—and the technological resources to help tackle their biggest challenges.

Careers in cyber

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Cyber is all about managing risks and making careful decisions. If you bring that same thinking to your career, you’ll see the advantages Deloitte can offer. From the caliber of our clients and projects to the support and resources to make the most of your career, Deloitte offers the opportunities you may be looking for in both our client-facing Cyber practice and Deloitte’s internal cybersecurity team focused on keeping Deloitte’s own networks safe.


Cyber controls and processes

Be a part of protecting the latest technology and creating insights that help our clients secure their sensitive and proprietary information. Here, you can be on the front lines of security scanning customer source code, reviewing results and offering plans for remediation of vulnerabilities, installing and configuring industry standard static code analysis products, and training client staff on application security and remediation of application security code defects. 

Cloud security

You see the possibilities—and inherent risks—in cloud services. Help clients seize the opportunity while managing risks such as data exposure, data leakage, and availability disruption, by leading the development of information security architecture and implementing technology by using tools to help make their cloud environments more secure. 

Threat analysis and incident investigation

Work with clients to make sure they are ready when the worst happens. Using tools and technologies to help identify attack vectors, analyze real-time security information event management (SIEM) notifications, configure routers and switches, and identify infection vectors and conduct extent of infection analyses, you’ll help clients understand adversarial tactics, rapidly identify malicious threats, and unauthorized activity in their systems.

Crisis management and ethical hacking

Be the boots on the ground uncovering vulnerabilities and conducting forensic investigations into malware, intrusions, denial of service, and more. Through cyber war games, simulation, penetration testing, and other vulnerability assessments, you’ll work to identify potential cyber security issues before they are exploited by bad actors.


Being able to access information from anywhere drives productivity—but increases risk. Some risks may include having orphaned accounts, “back door” granting of access, violations of segregation of duty policies, and overprovisioned access. You’ll be able to help clients understand their business information needs, how to appropriately manage risks, and explore opportunities to help clients improve their internal controls so that the right people have the right access to sensitive information at the right time.

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