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Are you analytical and focused? Want to leave your mark on companies, government agencies, and the economy?


Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP or Deloitte FAS is a special force within Deloitte. We are called in to advise clients on managing business controversy and disputes, executing deals, and maintaining regulatory compliance. We investigate activities such as fraud or money laundering, value real estate and other assets, assist with corporate restructurings, consult on litigations, help execute strategic investments for mergers and acquisitions, and more. Our work is often high-profile and high-pressure. It demands that we instill confidence, work efficiently, and maintain objectivity. If you are analytical, focused, and want to leave your mark on companies, government agencies, and the economy, join Deloitte FAS.

Deloitte FAS Advisory Services team helps clients address the complexities of corporate lifecycle events and transactions through a suite of services that focus on valuation, investment banking, corporate restructuring and capital asset management.

The Deloitte FAS Forensic team enables clients to react promptly and confidently in a crisis, investigation or dispute. Utilizing our broad forensic investigation skill set, we provide detailed analysis of accounting and business records to uncover essential facts and insights. We also provide the proactive advice clients need to reduce the risk of future problems.

Deloitte FAS Analytics professionals make extensive use of data, statistical and qualitative analysis, ruled-based methods, and explanatory and predictive modeling in order to bring insights to client issues in the forensic and transaction domains.

Data Processing and Research Services (DPRS) practice provides customized research that help them make informed strategic decisions. 


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What we look for in a candidate

We look for people who are detailed-oriented, deductive thinkers, truth seekers, confident leaders, and team builders. 

Degrees vary by the Service Line specific profile; Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Finance, Accounting, Economics, Real Estate, Civil/Industrial/Computer Engineer, Computer Science, MIS, and Statistics are preferable. 

For more information on qualifications, please see FAS job opportunities for experienced hires or FAS opportunities for students.

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