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Graduate School Assistance Program

Sending high performing analysts to top business schools

The Graduate School Assistance Program (GSAP) is Deloitte's graduate school tuition reimbursement program designed to help send high performing analysts to top business schools, with the expectation that they will return to Deloitte and receive reimbursement after two years of employment. Typically, analysts work at Deloitte for three to four years, attend business school, and then return as Senior Consultants.

Program features

Job security

GSAP participants are extended an offer to return to Deloitte as Senior Consultants upon completion of their graduate degree.

Full tuition reimbursement

GSAP participants receive full tuition reimbursement after two years of employment at Deloitte following graduate school.

Technology stipend

Analysts in the GSAP are given a technology allowance upon departure to graduate school for computer-related purchases.

GMAT preparation

Deloitte negotiates discounts for graduate school entrance exam preparation classes.

Application support

Organized national and local Graduate School Preparation events, activities, and learning sessions to help practitioners in their graduate school applications. Analysts have access to a dedicated Graduate School Preparation Web site that hosts tools, tips, references, and a wealth of additional information. 

Direct interaction with MBA Admissions directors

An annual Graduate School Symposium with admissions directors/representatives from our approved MBA programs. This symposium provides an exclusive opportunity for applicants to interact directly with admissions officers from top schools. 


Our formal National Mentorship Program matches analysts with Deloitte business school graduates to provide support and guidance throughout the process. Analysts also have access to Deloitte’s extensive alumni network. 

Internship support

Deloitte encourages Analysts to pursue a non-consulting summer internship during the summer between their first and second years of business school, but also provides them with the option of returning to Deloitte during the summer.


The GSAP is available to top-performing analysts who have consistently demonstrated strong consulting and leadership capabilities for a minimum of two years with the organization. Analysts are first eligible to apply to the GSAP after completing their second year of employment with Deloitte Consulting and may depart for business school through the GSAP after their third or fourth year. Application and acceptance to the GSAP must precede the business school application and enrollment process. Participants must attend one of the GSAP-approved business school programs.

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