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First impressions

Recruiting tips

Hear from a Deloitte insider on what we look for in candidates.

"First impressions are critical for candidates and we know that. Take some time to read about what you could do to make a great first impression with me or my colleagues at Deloitte."

Brandon Wynne, lead recruiting specialist for Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP, Electronic Discovery Center in Hermitage, TN.

With more than eight years of recruiting experience under his belt and his most current role in supporting the Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP practice, Brandon Wynne wanted to share some of his top tips and insights for how campus or experienced hire candidates can make a prominent first impression. 

Dress for success and appear “put together”
Leave the cowboy boots, sunglasses, and a more casual look for personal time. Dress to impress us. Think pressed, polished, and professional when considering your clothes, makeup, perfume or cologne. If you look disheveled, we may think that you will approach working at Deloitte in the same way. We want to instill confidence in our clients that they are working with the leading professional services firm and each one of our professionals is important to conveying this.

Get firm
When you are first introduced, extend a firm handshake. Nothing says confidence more than shaking someone’s hand firmly. A firm handshake lets me know you are enthusiastic and highly engaged in the moment.

Interest, excitement, and questions go a long way
You don’t have to do somersaults to show you’re thrilled about your job interview, but demonstrate your interest through your body language, the tone of your voice, the questions you ask. This leads us to our next several points, which drive home these elements a little more.

Posture and body language say a lot about you when an interaction is face-to-face
If it’s the first interview, make sure you stand and sit with strong posture -- it provides a more formal interaction and demonstrates respect for the interviewer.

Be sure to make eye contact
If a candidate cannot look at me or our hiring team in the eye when they answer interview questions, why would we feel comfortable putting them in front of a client? I consider a lack of eye contact a lack of confidence many times.

Know your stuff and leave the fluff
Candidates should take a minimum of 30 minutes to review information about Deloitte as well as the job posting itself. During the interview we typically discover if a candidate has really done his or her homework, and we can also tell if they’ve fabricated some facts or embellished a bit more on their actual experience so it’s best to be honest.

Leave the past in the past
One of the worst turnoffs for recruiters and hiring teams at Deloitte is when a candidate speaks negatively of a past employer or former colleagues. Better to shed light on what you gained from past employers or teaming with colleagues during the interview process.

What to expect after you get the job at Deloitte
We believe in straight talk right from the first interview with candidates. We want individuals who thrive in a fast-paced, high-performance culture. We believe in strengthening our professionals and want to provide them with an environment where they can contribute and thrive every day. If you enjoy a challenging and collegial work environment, Deloitte might be the place for you.

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