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Five quick ways to help make the transition from campus to career

With your cap and gown now stored away for safe-keeping and your job search complete – now it’s time to transition into the work world.

Starting your career may seem overwhelming but it does not have to be. You should be excited about your new position, thinking about how you want to carve out a career that’s right for you, and preparing yourself for new challenges.

To help you make the transition, here are five quick tips that Lauren Romano, manager, campus recruiting, Deloitte Services LP, offers up:

  1. Dive right in and work hard. Nothing says enthusiastic like jumping right into your role and demonstrating that you have a solid work ethic. In addition, take time to learn the culture, meet the people and get comfortable in this new environment. Get involved with things you have a passion for and start building your internal Deloitte network.
  2. Shift your behavior and adapt accordingly. While the professional services organization environment at Deloitte is highly collaborative and collegial, it’s not campus. It’s important to learn how to separate your personal life from your professional life early on in your career.
  3. Be teachable. Although you have left behind hours of studying and lugging around textbooks, one of the most valuable things a professional can do is become a “life-long learner”. Regulations change, processes and approaches become enhanced, and technology constantly evolves, so learning and development can play a significant role in your career at Deloitte right from day one with your “Welcome to Deloitte” orientation.
  4. Get comfortable with teaming. There are very few professionals at Deloitte who work autonomously from others. Deloitte prides itself on forming project teams where each individual can bring his or her best to the client when delivering services. Aside from client service, there are myriad opportunities to team with your colleagues on internal projects, community service activities and more. Being a team player is essential to success at Deloitte.
  5. Cultivate your leadership qualities. We expect that you possess a certain level of leadership capability when we hired you. During your first or second year with the organization is a great time to understand and identify your personal leadership style and how it can help position you for success in both the near and longer-term.  
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