Posted: 25 Feb. 2019 4 min. read

A Guide to Cyber Security Initiatives 

A guide for you

Are you planning your 2019 approach to cyber risk and wondering which security initiatives are out there and would best fit your organisation? Do you already know the answers, but want to easily and succinctly highlight your organisation’s involvement?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

We are pleased to launch an interactive guide to cyber security initiatives, which looks across the UK and internationally. It covers a range of themes including Professional Bodies & Certifications, Privacy, Talent, Innovation, and more.

It is a useful summary of things to get involved with this year, and each stop on the journey has a link to the initiative so you can click to find out more. It can be used in presentations and is meant to serve as a useful starting point, helping security professionals engage in conversations about cyber security and highlight the priority initiatives for their organisation – all on one page.

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Help us improve it

The guide is one perspective on what exists currently and, as cyber security evolves, so too will the array of initiatives that can benefit your organisation. We couldn’t include everything, but do let us know if we missed anything essential. We plan to update the guide regularly, and welcome feedback on how to improve it and make it more valuable for you.

We encourage you to download the guide and use it, and please send comments and suggestions to

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