Posted: 26 Sep. 2018 7 min. read

Agile you, agile me, agile us: Meet Dave

Working from home one day a week. Leaving early to pick the kids up from school. Taking a Time Out over the summer. Each of us live a different life and there are many ways we can use agile working to find that perfect balance. Dave Sharples is a manager in IT Services, but he also saves lives in between his job. You can’t really put a time schedule on something as big as that, that’s why we help him as much as possible with agile working. He joined Deloitte 22 years ago and has been a volunteer Community First Responder for the last five years. Read his story.

  • How do you work in an agile way?

I work from home every Wednesday, which means I can volunteer as a Community First Responder with the Ambulance Service. I live in quite a rural village and the nearest hospital is 15 - 20 minutes away, so our Parish Council decided to set up a Community First Responder group who can issue life-saving treatment to a patient nearby quicker than it might take for an ambulance to arrive. Being a trained responder means I can help when people need it - be that my family, my work colleagues or when I'm called out. People still dial 999 - but the control centre will ask us to support if we're close by.

  • How has your team supported you?

My manager and my team have all shown an interest and know how important this is to me. They all now know what to expect; sometimes, I might be on a conference call and I'll get a call asking for me to support a patient. I simply type '999' in the chat window and people know what's happening.They're also really supportive when I've had a particularly difficult call out. My manager regularly checks in to see how things are - both in terms of my workload and the volunteer work. For us, work is what you do and not where you are.

  • What does agile working mean to you?

It's helped me to make a difference, and to make an impact. I've been able to save lives and train colleagues to save people's lives as well, through our first aid programme. 

Fancy bringing your passion to work? We’ll do whatever we can to support it. A successful agile working arrangement will always be a perfect blend of what works for the individual and the business.

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