Posted: 23 Feb. 2018 5 min. read

How working at Deloitte allows Tim to learn beyond his role

We all love what we do, but we also need to venture out of our comfort zones every now and then and do something different. Tim talks to us about his experience working with us, and how the opportunities offered within his service line allow him to go beyond in his role.

When did you join Deloitte and what is your role?

I joined Deloitte in September 2017 as an analyst within FS Apps. I am currently working on the design phase for a technology implementation at a challenger bank.

Tell us about what you’re responsible for in your role?

In a nut shell, I have been supporting the End to End feature team and the Servicing Platform vendor workshops by capturing clarification questions for both the business and technical teams to address as well as configuration estimations as part of Design. I have also been creating and merging user Stories within a software called Jira as part of the weekly validation workshops with the bank where I have been able to challenge them on certain requirements. I have also been involved in updating the Project Manger on our work stream every week and recently been drawing up some business process maps in Visio.

What has been your proudest moment in your career since you’ve joined Deloitte?

One morning, my manager was not available for the workshop planned with the vendor so he tasked me to run the workshop in his absence. Although a little nervous, I felt I ran the workshop successfully and managed to capture any questions we needed to raise to the business in the validation workshops later that week.

What surprised you most about your Service Line, when joining Deloitte?

One thing that I was surprised about my Service Line and Deloitte as a whole was the immense opportunity all employees have for training. I feel I am not confined to just training within financial services or technology. If I wanted to learn about the retail market, the opportunity is always there.

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