Posted: 21 Jun. 2018 7 min. read

Inspiring women Shilpa’s way

From the 10 year-old who loved her dad’s computer to leading our Women in Technology Network, discover how Shilpa developed her passion for all things technical into a successful career and why she’s driven to inspire others to follow.

As a child, Shilpa could often be found tapping away on SuperCalc on her father’s Amstrad PC. She was helping him to record information for their family business, but not just to earn her pocket money. “I’ve always had a passion for technology, maths and science, and my father encouraged that passion”, says Shilpa. 

Fast forward 30 years and you’ll find Shilpa working with all kinds of inspirational people in her role as Director for Firmwide Delivery Models & The Hive. In addition to her natural curiosity, she believes it’s these connections that help her continually innovate, learn and develop. “Working in and with technology is truly exciting and sharing and learning from others, being able to influence and create solutions to help solve the problems of today, and being future focused is something I will always continue to enjoy”.

Shilpa is also Leader of the Deloitte Women in Technology Network, “which aims to attract, retain and support women working in technology roles at Deloitte, and increasingly with our clients too”, she says. This aspect is particularly important to Shilpa, as a parent of two daughters. “I hope to be a part of supporting my children’s aspirations, whatever they may be. I do hope they include technology and my girls understand that technology will be part and parcel of their future world”.

So what advice would Shilpa give her girls if they were considering a career in Technology?

“I believe there are three key skills you need in life: curiosity, listening and communicating. Always remain curious and ask the ‘why’ question. Be an active listener. If you can convincingly put forward an argument, or a case, and people understand what you’re trying to achieve and what the benefits are, and why they should care, there aren’t any barriers that can’t be overcome.

As you grow in your experience, your overall resilience and confidence grows. Of course, we need to question, self-reflect and self-adjust – we wouldn’t be human otherwise. But I don’t think anyone should ever limit themselves in what they want to achieve.”

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Shilpa Shah is the Director for Firmwide Delivery Models & The Hive and Leader of the Deloitte Women in Technology Network.

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