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Izzy and Emma – Capital Humans

A career in Human Capital requires both business acumen and people skills – but once you’re in, the possibilities are boundless. Consultants Izzy & Emma share their highlights from 2018.

Izzy’s story

What made you pursue a career in Human Capital?

When I first joined Deloitte on my gap year, I was simply looking to get some professional experience before I went to university. However, I quickly fell in love with Deloitte and its people and was lucky enough to find an area of work that I was passionate about. All these factors combined with my first hand experience of working at Deloitte made the decision to pursue a career at Deloitte in Human Capital an easy one.

What do you like best about working for Deloitte?

I love working for such a big company! Some people find Deloitte’s size and complexity overwhelming, but instead I find it exciting. Deloitte has so many different areas and opportunities, so the possibilities are truly endless. You have the power to shape your own career, and really the only limit on this is yourself.

What were your most memorable achievements from 2018?

There were a few… Firstly I was named the 20th most influential female student in the country! It was part of a competition called The Future 100 run by The Tab and JP Morgan. I also completed a 10k race within my time goal. Although I used to run fairly frequently, I hadn’t run that far in YEARS. I also finished my university exams! My degree was the most intellectually challenging thing I have done. I was so relieved to finish and I knew it didn’t matter what I got, as I tried my best and couldn’t have worked any harder. And, of course, I graduated. Thankfully all my hard work paid off and I received my degree.

Looking back at 2018, what have your key motivations been?

Firstly, my desire to succeed. Secondly my need to push myself, and finally – my natural curiosity!


Emma’s story

What made you pursue a career in Human Capital?

After completing the Summer Vacation Scheme in 2017 in a different area of consultancy I decided to apply to OT&T. I have always enjoyed working with people, and OT&T appealed to me because it’s a more people centric consulting, but is still focused around business transformation. I was also attracted to the flexibility of the OT&T scheme- the fact that you could try out public, private and financial services sectors and then choose which industry you wanted to align to.

What do you like best about working for Deloitte?

There are so many opportunities at Deloitte, not just in terms of projects, but there are multiple firm-wide initiatives that you can get involved in even at Analyst level, which allow you to explore your interests and meet loads of new people. These opportunities mean that you have more choice and say in the direction of your career. Deloitte is also a very welcoming and encouraging environment- making it a great place to learn and develop your career.

What were your most memorable achievements in 2018?

Graduating from Warwick University with a first in History in July and starting my graduate career at Deloitte in September were two big moments. Playing Lacrosse for the University team, having only taken it up in the second year, was another. Finally, winning the team outdoor challenge in the Cotswolds, and really bonding as a group by the end of the simulation.

Looking back at 2018, what have your key motivations been?

My key motivation has been my desire to do the best I could do, so that I would produce work and results that I would be proud of, as hard work and determination nearly always produces good results. Even when experiencing a set-back or a challenge, I learnt to persevere. In terms of creativity, I have learnt to think outside the box. Sometimes you get given tasks with broad instructions which means you have to think of new ways to do things, often trying methods and using tools you haven’t used before in order to work out how best to complete the task and present the work.

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