Posted: 25 Jul. 2018 9 min. read

Reasons to choose tax at Reading – Erica's story

We spoke to Erica Hall, a Consultant in our Corporate Tax team, on what makes Tax such a rewarding place to develop your career – and why it’s even better in Reading, Berkshire. Here’s her story…

How and when did you join Deloitte?

I joined Deloitte Reading in October 2014 as a graduate into audit. I graduated from Cambridge University in 2009 in Education with English and became a full-time athlete, even competing for the GB rowing team until I retired from rowing in 2013. I spent four months at an education publishing house before applying to Deloitte, then worked at PwC in Guernsey for six months in audit on a temporary contract whilst waiting for my Deloitte contract to start. I then worked in audit for 18 months before I transferred to corporate tax.

Why did you join Deloitte?

I joined Deloitte for the clear career progression and chance to study whilst I was working and gaining experience. I wanted to get a qualification which would open doors, in a firm which was international and extremely highly regarded. Deloitte is also really transparent around career progression and salary. Above all though, I’m glad I joined because of my colleagues. The people Deloitte employ are very smart, motivated and personable.

What’s your role at Deloitte?

I’m a consultant working in mergers and acquisitions corporate transactions, however I also do some UK advisory and compliance work. I work full time, and primarily at the Reading office – although I do work from home on the odd occasion and appreciate that flexibility.

What are three great reasons for someone to join your team?

You acquire a lot of knowledge – fast. It’s really interesting work, often for household names. There’s also a great team environment with really supportive partners and directors. We do lots of social events and sign up for things together such as sporting events. We did the Henley trail half marathon in May and are preparing for the one from Windsor to Marlow.

How does your business area work with other departments in Deloitte?

We’ve significant experience in the transactions market, and additional resource on hand in our UK and overseas firms. Clients value being able to come to us with an international transaction and let us manage it all the UK from start to finish by bringing in our financial teams, wider tax teams and overseas colleagues as necessary – whilst providing one singularly fronted and seamless service to them.

What could a job in tax at Deloitte do for your career?

A career here in Reading provides great experience across a wide range of clients and industries. You have access to experts in every field and colleagues across the world who will support you when needed. You get to work on exciting projects too. For example, I worked on the listing of ContourGlobal Plc on the London Stock Exchange – it was the simplification of a huge international group, reducing the number of corporate entities from 400 to 200. It relieved pressure on many parts of the business and brought in new investors.

What do you think is the main barrier to joining tax in Deloitte?

People may be put off applying by the reputedly poor working hours in transactions, however we have peaks and troughs, much like any area. I feel my working hours are often better here in transactions. The peaks and troughs allow us the freedom to be more flexible in our hours, so if there’s some down time in your schedule, people are more understanding of you leaving early or shifting your hours around.

What drives you to make an impact in your personal life?

I work hard to stay fit and healthy. I motivate friends and colleagues to do the same and have gotten many of our team signed up for a couple of half marathons this year. In my spare time I like to run, I co-captain our Deloitte Reading touch rugby team, play netball with work, play my violin in the Henley Symphony Orchestra, see family and friends, read, travel, visit family in Guernsey where I grew up, garden and upcycle furniture.

How do you see the tax market evolving in future?

Technology will help transaction teams develop their reports faster, with more automated analysis of information. We currently have technology/transaction teams working on using technology to improve our processes and cut out admin tasks which take us away from other, more interesting work.

Tax in Reading is an exciting and ever-changing place to be. Explore more about our career development opportunities, and your potential, here.

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