Posted: 24 Oct. 2018 6 min. read

Supporting diversity in Technology: Sheree’s story

With years of experience promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech space already under her belt, it was no surprise when Sheree Atcheson progressed from her job as consultant in Technology, Strategy and Architecture to a pioneering new role as our Technology, Respect and Inclusion Manager. Read about her journey.

Tell us about your new role as Technology Respect & Inclusion Manager.

I am working with other leaders to focus on diversity within Deloitte’s Technology practice, helping enable all of our Technology Consulting practitioners to feel a sense of belonging. I am extremely proud to have this opportunity to really make an impact. It’s also a reflection of how important respect, diversity and inclusion is to Deloitte, and I’m so happy that I can play a part in that.

How did it come about?

I’ve been heavily involved in the diversity and inclusion space for several years through my senior leadership with global non-profit organisation Women Who Code. During that time, it became clear that my passion lies in creating a more open, transparent and, ultimately, better tech industry for everyone. That’s what this new role is all about.

I originally joined Deloitte as a consultant in Technology, Strategy and Architecture. I wanted to work for a firm that had dedicated Women in Technology initiatives as well as a clear path for progression. I’m in this role now because of how supportive Deloitte has been of both my personal and professional interests. This is genuinely a firm that prioritises its people’s goals and ambitions.

Why do you think Deloitte is a great place for women in Tech?

The tech industry cannot flourish without listening to and understanding the needs of all of the people it affects. There are many flexible, unique ways to join and work in Deloitte. For example, our Return to Work programme aims to provide individuals who have had career breaks of two or more years to re-enter the workplace. Targeted initiatives such as this will make the difference in the makeup of our tech workforce. And not just that – the projects you get to work on here are fascinating. We work with some of the largest and most influential businesses out there, not to mention all of the latest technologies. It’s an amazing place to learn and develop.

Do you get to work flexibly?

Absolutely. There are all sorts of ways you can do that here – with a range of both formal and informal agile working arrangements on offer. For example, I wanted to really focus on my speaking engagements for a while so I took a ‘Time Out’ (a four-week block of unpaid leave offered by Deloitte as part of its commitment to agile working). I travelled and spoke at conferences around the world, and even managed to fit a first wedding anniversary holiday to Croatia in! I was able to fully dedicate myself to something that I am passionate about, whilst having the security of Deloitte’s support. 

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