Posted: 27 Mar. 2019 5 min. read

Akriti Adhikari – Going Global

As a senior consultant in Technology, Akriti’s Deloitte journey has taken her across the globe. Now one of our top tech minds in our London office, she shares how following her curiosity has shaped her career.

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How did you join Deloitte?

Consulting has always been my first choice and one of the most fascinating fields to begin my career. Talking about consulting, Deloitte was always top of my list. Hence, my journey in consulting started with Deloitte US India in the year 2013. I was amongst the privileged students in the university to get through the Deloitte internship program.  This was a fantastic learning opportunity for me. At Deloitte, I met brilliant minds with immense knowledge. During the internship itself, I pinned down Deloitte as my future employer. At the end of my internship, I got the job offer.

What are you responsible for in your role?

In the year 2014, I started my stint with Deloitte USI as a Consultant. There I got an excellent opportunity on an Oracle Supply chain transformation project. That project gave me exposure to the complete cycle of a technology delivery project.

What brought you to Deloitte London?

Although I was quite happy at Deloitte India, there was a quest for more, a quest to get global exposure and learn something new. Hence, I landed at Deloitte London after going through the internal recruitment process. This was a big leap for my career and I’m grateful to Deloitte for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I must say that Deloitte pays special attention in training their employees to help them grow.

Tell us about your transfer experience

With new dreams, desires and little nervousness, I began my new journey at the London office. To my surprise, I found a similar supportive and inclusive culture. The leadership was extremely supportive. They helped me adjust to the new environment very easily. Within no time I found myself taking charge – conducting workshops, leading client meeting and solving complex client problems. Although it was a bumpy road initially, my colleagues and seniors helped me to overcome the challenges. This global opportunity helped me gain immense confidence. I love the dynamic environment with a new challenge every day. In the last 2.5 years, I have travelled to several places such as Paris, Boston, Scotland, met interesting clients from different industries, and performed various roles – Oracle cloud consultant to Scrum Master. I feel there are endless opportunities here and I’m still discovering them!

What have you learned in your job so far?

In my odyssey of 6 years in Deloitte, I have learned one thing; if you are willing to explore new avenues and are curious to learn, this place can give you the wings to fly high!

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