Posted: 13 Nov. 2019 8 min. read

Cameron Sant – Fighting global financial crime in St Albans

As a Senior Associate in Financial Advisory, working in Forensic Technology, Cameron uses his skills to tackle economic crime all around the world.

How did you join Deloitte and what are your responsibilities?

Deloitte has a tremendous global reputation that attracted me immediately, and the chance to develop in a technology area that I was still relatively new to was really exciting.

My role involves using modern technology and knowledge of data extraction, analysis and review to help tackle economic crime. Things are always changing though. For example, how to locate and manage big data for litigation, disputes or a regulatory request is a challenge that a substantial amount of companies face. It makes Digital Forensics all the more exciting.

What’s a typical day like for you?

I’m based in the St Albans office, which has a relaxed atmosphere. This includes things like dress-down Fridays, a breakout area and a ping-pong table.

For our e-Discovery practice, St Albans is also the hub of our evidence management – it’s where we store all evidence and documentation relevant to our projects. Being here offers first-hand access to it all.

We’re always looking to develop new ways of tackling challenges within economic crime too, through existing relationships and developing products in-house.

As our Data Management team is growing, it presents opportunities to get involved with new concepts and the journey from an idea to a complete service.

What’s the best part of your job and what’s been your most memorable moment so far?

We enjoy a highly sociable culture, with several events and types of event to be inclusive of all team members. Socials not just within the Forensic Technology team but the wider Financial Advisory service line further add to this inclusivity within Deloitte. We’re also very innovative, with a forensic innovation think-tank process in place to assess the potential viability for any ideas within the team

The travel opportunities have definitely been memorable. They’ve helped me develop a diverse professional network as well as explore many new places across the world that I would never have had the chance to otherwise. In fact, I travelled for 11 months during my first year at Deloitte.

How are you supported to work flexibly and what do you like to do in your spare time?

I’ve been able to maintain a great work-life balance and occasionally work from home. There may be misconceptions of long hours and limited socialising, however, I’ve not found that to be the case.

I’m an avid football fan, playing for the Deloitte Forensic Sparks team and locally, as well as travelling to watch teams here and abroad!

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