Posted: 03 Jul. 2019 5 min. read

Eliot Smith - Consulting on the SI All Hands event

Eliot joined Deloitte as a graduate and has been excelling since. When he’s not working as an Analyst in the Systems Integration department, he is organising events. This year, he organised the SI All Hands, an event filled with guest speakers and sunshine.

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Eliot and his career

Deloitte has a great sense of community and for me, this starts in my department Systems Integration. We develop, deliver, and test complex technology programmes for our clients, from new digital platforms and enterprise applications, through to complete IT infrastructure transformations. It’s challenging, but highly enjoyable.

The Event

Recently I had the opportunity to get involved with organising our summer event called the SI All Hands. It’s always a challenge to organise an event of this size and when you’re hosting some senior people, there’s a bit of pressure for it to go well! But we had a great team and it was really enjoyable to get involved with choosing a location, inviting guest speakers and organising the topics.

How did it go?

The event itself went brilliant - we chose a snazzy outdoor venue where people could really enjoy the warm weather and the food was delicious too. It was interesting to listen to leadership give updates on what the aims for the next year are and to hear about other projects people are working on. These events are always a great chance to see people from older projects and my old training friends, so I spent the rest of the evening catching up with them as well as networking with people I hadn’t met before. It was a huge success with everyone, so I’m looking forward to seeing what I can help to organise next!

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