Posted: 05 Jun. 2019 5 min. read

Jeremy Gillman and Ben Dixon – Making the big move to Deloitte’s Financial Advisory

Jeremy and Ben joined the Real Estate department after being headhunted by recruitment agencies.

Jeremy Gillman's story:

What is your most memorable moment on the job so far?

My most memorable moment whilst working at Deloitte is definitely advising National Grid, a large British multinational electricity and gas utility company, on their surplus portfolio.

What’s the best part of your job and in what ways is your team innovative?

The Planning and Development department have a multitude of industry experts leading projects, who are great to learn from. This also means I have the opportunities to work on large and complex development schemes all across the UK.

Why would you recommend Deloitte to someone?

One of many reasons I would recommend Deloitte to somebody is the sheer scale and range of projects you get to work on, because of Deloitte’s capabilities across all the industries and clients.

How are you supported to work flexibly?

Personally, I prefer the office environment, and find I do my best work there. I only tend to work from home when it's necessary. Deloitte have a policy that allows us to work from home one day a week, as well as to be flexible with our hours.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

When I’m not working, I love to travel and explore new bars and restaurants, as well as watching sports.


Ben Dixon's story:

How did you join Deloitte?

After qualifying as a Chartered Surveyor, I was contacted by a recruitment company advertising a role in the development department at Deloitte.

What are you responsible for in your role?

Our department works predominantly for corporate and public sector landowners, to help them to meet their real estate needs. Whether this is meeting their house targets or maximising their financial return from their real estate portfolio.

What’s a typical day like for you?

I work with a large variety of clients on a day to day basis, whether they’re from large infrastructure organisations to private developers, I’ll often handle the work for a handful of different clients. My weeks are never the same. Generally, I undertake financial appraisals and modelling, providing key analytical skills for the client, as well as providing advisory services such as helping them form a joint venture partnership. I also work as a part of different teams, both within Deloitte and on the client’s side. This has been a brilliant opportunity to meet new and interesting people.

What is your most memorable moment on the job so far?

Quite soon after joining the team, I was brought in to help in the bidding process for the sale of the St James’s Gate Guinness storehouses. This was so that the site could be redeveloped to provide an exciting new space in Dublin and regenerate the area.

What’s the best part of your job and in what ways is your team innovative?

I enjoy working in a forward-thinking team that works on high profile projects. I also feel that Deloitte is exposing me to new ideas and skills, constantly, which is strengthening my learning and professional development.

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