Posted: 20 May 2020 1 min. read

A Good Scrub

Shirley is an Executive Assistant in our Tax business and has worked for Deloitte for 25 years. She's dusted off her sewing machine to sew much-needed scrubs for the NHS.

"As I work only two days a week, I have plenty of spare time on my hands and saw on Facebook various groups who were sewing scrubs for the NHS.
I own a very basic sewing machine, but hadn't used it for years apart from turning up the odd hem or two. I decided to look into helping the effort and teamed up with a local scrub-making group.

The fabric and the pattern arrived, along with instructions, which were difficult to follow as I didn't understand the terminology of the sewing world. But every time I got stuck I was on the phone to a friend who had already made several pairs, asking for advice.

Obviously the scrubs have to be very strong to withstand the rigours of hospital life, so it was vital to ensure they were finished off well. As my machine is a basic model, without a great choice of stitching functions, some bits I had to finish by hand.

My friends and I set up a just giving page, which has raised over £1,000 for us to keep buying the fabric we need (it costs £10 to make each set of scrubs), and we hope to be able to continue making them for as long as the NHS needs them. I am just one of thousands of volunteers up and down the country doing the same thing - a tiny cog in a well-oiled wheel.

It has meant a lot to me to be able to help those on the frontline, struggling to keep us safe. In each set I sew a little red heart to show the wearer they were made with much love and thanks."

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