Posted: 18 Jul. 2019 5 min. read

Not all teams are created equally

Last summer, when I sat down with Debbi McLean, my co-principal here at Deloitte Digital Scotland, to discuss how we needed to grow our team over the coming months, we were fortunate to have a shining example of the kind of humans we wanted to hire.

Freshly graduated from code camp, a former pro rollerblader, a PHD, an entrepreneur with a background in videography and most importantly a communicator. A unicorn I hear you say, no, a black swan, maybe, a polymath, definitely.

I accept that team members like this don’t grow on trees, but when you are grappling with the kind of problems our clients bring us, where we need to understand the human impact, and move rapidly to find solutions that work in a world that is moving at break neck speed, these are the kind of people we need.

Combining their previous life experiences, with their coding or design skills to help solve complex problems, whilst finding ways to communicate what, how and why we are doing it is an increasingly important skill set.

Building teams is always about balance. Balance between left and right brain thinkers, balance between women and men, balance between extroverts and introverts. The best teams are more than the sum of their parts, but if you can fill your team with a polymath or two then the speed and level at which your teams can operate is seriously enhanced.

Not everyone we hire will come with such a rich and varied back story, but we are always looking for story tellers. Humans are creative thinkers, and whatever your role is in a multi-functional team, humanity can be our disruptive force and is what differentiates us from the robots and artificial intelligence driven solutions.

So not all teams are created equally, you have to work at it, get the balance right and ensure you keep hunting for unicorns.

Deloitte Digital Scotland was established in 2017, we help our clients imagine, deliver and run the future, from customer research right through to implementation and we love doing it.

If you are interested in joining our fast growing studio and think you are the kind of human we are looking for, then get in touch – we currently have vacancies for junior and senior front end developers and senior java engineers.

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