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Every team has an EA at it's heart

24 April 2019 is EA (Executive Assistant) Day - designed to recognise and show appreciation for the support and commitment our EA's provide throughout the year. It's fair to say Deloitte would not function without the extensive support our EA's provide to our partners, directors and their teams, overall making a positive impact for the firm.

To celebrate the unsung heroes of Deloitte, an EA of the Year awards dinner was held in London last October. After receiving over 150 fantastic nominations and a difficult judging process, the final 18 EAs were shortlisted. We interviewed winner of the 'Up and Coming EA Award' Rhian Rankin, who is based in our Edinburgh office. Rhian had worked at Deloitte for a number of years before transferring into her current EA role. As well as being an EA, Rhian is responsible for several roles within the office as well as client events. Colleagues say Rhian is committed, diligent, personable and articulate.

A bit about your role

I have a dual role working in both Workplace Services, which involves dealing with the workings of our office, and supporting a Director in my EA role.  I have also provided EA cover working for a partner and his team during maternity breaks which I have very much enjoyed.

My roles complement one another and give me a more rounded understanding from both an office and EA perspective.  For instance, I can relate to EA's and assist them with organising the lunches, dinners and events they have in the office, as I work closely with our Front of House and Marketing teams.  I also have two sets of networks which tie in well together so it means I know lots of people within Deloitte.

In my EA role I work closely with the Director in setting up all his client meetings and have total control of his diary.  Some of his clients regularly ask if they can use our meeting rooms so the two roles come together nicely.  I also assist in setting up Transition Labs for clients and organising stakeholder calls - which can be challenging at times.

How did you end up becoming an EA?

Having worked for Deloitte for a long time, I have a good relationship with the Edinburgh partner group and when one of their EA's was going off on maternity  I was asked if I would be interested in providing cover.  I jumped at the chance as I knew this would give me another set of skills.  I looked after the partner and his large team which included helping to support the arrangements of a large client who was over from the US for 3 days.  I arranged everything from the breakfast, to an external venue for dinner, and finding the perfect Scottish gift!

What do you think makes a good EA?

Being super organised, having good communication skills, great networks and a 'go with the flow' attitude as you just don’t know what is going to come along.  You can come in and have your day planned and suddenly it’s all change - this happens regularly so you have to be adaptable.

How are you going to mark EA day?

Our partner-in-charge and one of our tax partners have invited all the EA's out for lunch so we are looking forward to that.

We hope you take this opportunity to celebrate this special day with the EAs you work with!

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