Posted: 30 Jan. 2019 6 min. read

How digital can help unlock productivity - Kate Forbes, Scotland’s Digital Economy Minister

Following a recent visit to our Edinburgh office, we're delighted that Kate Forbes MSP, Scotland's Digital Economy Minister has provided a guest blog providing her perspectives on how digital can help unlock productivity.

Productivity is vital for a nation’s long-term, sustainable growth and is underpinned by a skilled and diverse workforce. I believe that digital is an area that can help unlock workplace productivity and there is undoubtedly a role for government in doing as much as we can to support this.

The Scottish Government’s Digital Strategy sets out our vision for Scotland as a vibrant, inclusive and outwards looking digital nation. It makes it clear that we will put digital at the heart of everything we do in a bid to deliver inclusive economic growth, reform our public services and prepare our children for the workplace of the future.

We also see ourselves as part of an ecosystem of digital organisations that share ideas, talent and technologies to drive the nation’s digital economy. By supporting the development of formal clusters in data-driven innovation, FinTech, cyber security and others, we are enabling industry, government and academia to collaborate effectively, encouraging innovation and ultimately boosting productivity.

The global success of companies like Skyscanner and Rock Star North highlight that Scotland has got the conditions for tech enterprises to grow, scale-up and succeed on the world stage. We will continue to invest in our infrastructure to support this economic growth. 

We will continue to invest in our people too. Productivity is ultimately about people after all so we want to ensure that our future workforce has the necessary skills to embrace all the digital opportunities of 2019 and beyond.

Of course, beyond government, we want those opportunities to be widely available to people across the country. That is why we recently announced a new £1 million Digital Start Fund to support people on lower incomes to access the skills required for a career in the digital industries. I look forward to developing this fund, alongside others, to do everything we can to be a successful digital government with a successful digital economy in a constantly changing digital world.

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