Posted: 22 Apr. 2016 5 min. read

Every team has an EA at its heart

22 April 2020 is EA (Executive Assistant) Day – originally formed in the US, this day is now renowned globally to recognise all types of administrative professional roles. Our outstanding EAs across the firm support our partners, directors and teams in a variety of ways. From seemingly small tasks like booking meeting rooms and expenses, to extensive diary management and liaising with clients on behalf of partners. Our EAs help our business to run effectively and support our people in delivering for our clients.

The unsung heroes of Deloitte, our EAs make us feel proud everyday but now, more than ever, is a time to show appreciation for the support and commitment our EAs provide throughout the year. In our 'new normal', these tasks become that bit more challenging. Meeting rooms become virtual video calls, with teams often requiring basic technology support to set them up. Diaries need updating, then rearranging again as client meetings and plans change on a daily basis.

Without our Executive Assistants (EAs) supporting us all behind the scenes and holding it all together, it wouldn't be possible. We caught up with Lee Jobson, one of our Senior Executive Assistant’s from the Aberdeen office to find out four reasons why she loves being an EA.

1.  Everyone’s Assistant

"As an EA, you're the go-to person for your team and beyond. I have a great relationship with not just my team, but the whole office and they come to me for anything - work related or not. Whatever the problem, I like to find an answer for them. I have been in the role now for 24 years, so the chances are I will either know the answer or know who to contact to find out. I enjoy a challenge, and fortunately there's always another one around the corner!

2.  Excellent All-rounders

"Being an EA is much more than just admin. It's not just the day-to-day tasks like booking meeting rooms and travel, sorting expenses and editing documents. We're everything in one - from social events organiser to problem solver and mediator, to cake connoisseur and professional listener.

You need to be super organised, have good communication skills and a 'go with the flow' attitude as you just don’t know what is going to come along.  You can come in and have your day planned and suddenly it’s all change - this happens regularly so you have to be very adaptable.”

3.  Efficiency Always

"I love the variety of the role as every day is different and you're constantly learning new things. With Skype (and now zoom) calls, IMs, Teams and emails whizzing around every day, one of the ways I manage to keep on top of things is by writing things down. I have a never ending to-do list, but this helps me organise where I'm up to and what needs to be done for the day.

Thanks to agile working and Deloitte’s technology, I can do my job from home almost the same as I do in the office. When not working from my dining table, I'm based in the Aberdeen office. I also work closely with EA’s from all over the UK.”

4.  Expertise and Advice

I joined Deloitte at the age of 26 as a receptionist/secretary supporting the TS team and managing a busy reception – in those days direct lines did not exist so as well as typing due diligence reports I had to answer in excess of 250 calls a day! Two years later I was promoted to an EA.   I have now been doing this job for 24 years, no two days are the ever the same and I’m still loving it! 

Some advice I would give to new EAs is embrace technology and new ways of working and ask for help if you're not sure on anything. The EA community will always help one another. We have excellent EAs right across the firm, who all have expert skills and knowledge. Also, if something comes up that you're interested in but you think you can't do it, just do it and you'll learn as you go along. I have never looked back on an opportunity I've taken up at Deloitte and regretted being involved in it. They're all chances to help to mould you into being the best EA you can be."

Hip Hip Hooray!

We hope you take this opportunity to celebrate this special day with the EAs you work with!

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Key contact

Lee Jobson

Lee Jobson


Lee is a senior executive assistant based in the Aberdeen office, providing support to the Aberdeen Office Senior Partner. She is also a key member of the Firm's EA Steering Committee - working together, as one team, to enhance the Deloitte experience for Executive Assistants across the firm. Collaborating across service lines, offices and regions to facilitate networking, encourage discussion and share best practices/knowledge, whilst creating roles and working groups that enhance EA development opportunities and continually improve the wider benefits of being an EA at Deloitte.