Posted: 09 Jul. 2020 2 min. read

One million people. One million stories. One million futures.

It is at times like these that we need to emphasise the importance of making a positive impact that matters on society, employees and clients; and that is why I am proud that a sense of purpose is the driver behind all that we do at Deloitte.

In 2016, Deloitte put purpose at the heart of a responsible business initiative to help one million people get to where they want to be through access to education and employment. I’m delighted to say that by focusing on skills, education and inclusion the ‘One Million Futures’ programme has exceeded its one million target one year ahead of schedule through meaningful partnerships with 90 inspiring charities, schools and social enterprises across the UK. This is entirely down to the commitment and dedication of our society partners plus the goodwill, time, energy and skills of our people.

In Scotland, we worked with Befriend a Child and ran a social impact assessment to demonstrate the impact of their work and, importantly, put a monetary value on their contribution to society – making pitching to major donors more effective. Not only did our assessment show how demand for Befriend a Child’s service has increased dramatically since 2000, we used an innovative approach, in line with UK Cabinet Office guidelines, to show donors that for every £1 donated to the charity, the benefit to society is worth over £6. Rather than just focusing on the percentage of each donation that goes directly to the beneficiaries, our impact assessment quantifies the real-life value to society and gives insight into the advantages that volunteers experience – helping to increase donations and attract more volunteers.

We also supported Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity - we were very proud to support those staying at Skye House by refurbishing the therapy room and in their journey beyond the hospital, by providing life skills workshops to help young people fulfil their potential.

Last year we added Move On and Aberdeen Foyer as two new charity partners. These incredible and life-changing charities joined Children 1st who has been a partner in the programme since 2016. Social Bite is also a social enterprise supported by our One Million Futures programme and we supported them in last year’s World’s Big Sleep Out. The event highlighted just how difficult conditions are for those who have no place to call home. I’m delighted at the amount of money we raised for this important issue, and of the way in which we’ve been able to deepen our partnership with all our charities in Scotland.

I’m also very pleased to announce Five Million Futures. As part of Deloitte’s global WorldClass ambition of supporting 50 million people by 2030, Scotland will join with colleagues across the UK, Europe and the Middle East to deliver an even greater impact in our communities. It’s another bold target but we will build on what we’ve learned and achieved to date to make a difference for those most in need.

Over the coming weeks we will highlight some of our relationships with our charity partners. I’m so proud of the role we have played in making a difference to one million futures.

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Stephen Williams


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