Posted: 24 Nov. 2017 5 min. read

Making an impact in Wales - it's what we do that makes the difference

In advance of the CBI Wales annual dinner on 7 December 2017, Wayne Harvey, senior partner for Deloitte in Wales, looks at what businesses in Wales can do to meet the new challenges of today's business environment.


What we do and how we do it is changing. Today business needs to adapt and respond to a rapidly progressing environment that’s developing more quickly than ever and in ways that are less and less predictable.

But it’s what we do that makes the difference – at Deloitte we help business leaders put their ideas into action, find opportunities, master uncertainty and stay ahead of the game.

Many businesses in Wales are facing new, complex challenges to keep their competitive advantage such as digital, harnessing disruptive technology, achieving growth, mitigating risk, as well as finding and retaining the best talent.

Emerging technologies are changing the way business is done. As a company, we’re embracing digital and encouraging other businesses to do the same. But digital isn’t just about technology. It’s about what technology enables—and that takes a change. More than just a change to tools and processes, but a transformation at the heart of the business model.

From co-creating and joint venturing to partnering and acquiring, businesses can be creative with the collaboration models they use to bring their disruptive ideas to life.

There is a big opportunity for corporates and scale-ups to form mutually beneficial partnerships, which have the potential to boost productivity and competiveness.

These are just a few examples of how business leaders all over Wales can meet these new challenges by taking action, delivering and making an impact.

Put simply: it's what we all do that will make a difference to Wales and its continuing success as a great place to do business.

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