Posted: 19 Nov. 2021 5 min. read

‘Experience’ In Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs)

What’s the thinking here?

In successful Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) businesses, commercial practitioners such as general managers, marketers and sales people draw on the support of global centres of excellence and local operating teams. They utilise increasingly digital specialist skills in critical areas such as analytics, innovation, media, marketing, merchandising and commerce to deliver growth.  

These high performing enterprises have a vision of both consumer and customer centricity, with marketing and sales at the core. Capability development is prioritised based on what can genuinely deliver brilliant, differentiated experiences, aimed at maximising engagement, driving conversion and ultimately, creating an army of loyal consumer fans and highly satisfied retail customers who advocate for your brands.

Customer experience and customer centricity is a huge area of perceived opportunity and requirement in today’s online market place. From our latest Future of Experience Survey almost 1 in 3 consumers say that the online experience is not good enough and 27% said it’s not adequate for their needs. 

Today in the CPG industry, growth and experience go hand-in-hand when looking at strategic business choices. 

The Consumer

Consumer engagement, enabled by authentic, relevant, human experience, has for some time now been recognised as the true proxy for sales. Human experience, enabled by data driven analytical insight, results in an understanding of what the consumer truly needs and how best to connect with them.  This is the kind of next generation insight that comes from taking ever increasing numbers of data sets, overlaying artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, and using new unified marketing and sales channels to go deeper than ever before to deliver meaningful human connections across all available touch points.

The Customer

Customer experience has historically been seen as being similar to customer service.  However, today there is a view that treating your customers as consumers, offering them a rich data-informed human experience, can enhance business-to-business trade and loyalty. The customer experience message is most important when negotiating trade as part of the joint business planning process. Businesses that can show a highly integrated experience-focused approach to commerce and an effective and efficient digital capability from insight to action (sales), with a resulting mutual benefit for supplier and retailer, are best placed to deliver on growth and seen as such by the retailer (with all the tangible listing / distribution / promotional feature benefit that can bring).

The Business

Beyond the commercial arena, we are seeing some CPG businesses now redesigning their wider infrastructure aimed at building human connections, creating a common consumer-centric culture right across employees, partners, and customers, providing the tools and insights to get the job done.  That might be as simple as eliminating repetitive, transactional work through automation and digital self-service, elevating the wider supply chain experience in the process. Or it might be about recognising the extent to which consumers hold the welfare of employees as a key priority in their purchase decisions1. Operating with a greater agility and entrepreneurial mindset, these forward thinking businesses are empowering cross functional teams front line, in-sourcing what’s core and offshoring or automating what isn’t – ultimately looking to deliver brilliant experiences cost effectively to drive innovation, build strong brands, maximise advocacy and deliver growth.

So, if you’re looking for a single-minded idea, anchored in an emerging market dynamic; “Delivering on ‘experience’ is what it takes to win in the modern age”2 in terms of delivering against the broader growth agenda, that’s the thinking here.



168% of consumers rank safety of employees as a main priority in their choice of brands (Noting recent revelations around employee treatment at Brewdog) Source: Deloitte Future Consumer Experience Survey 2020 /21

2Many companies have forgotten they sell to actual people. Humans care about the entire experience, not just the marketing or sales or service. To really win in the modern age, you must solve for humans.  Dharmesh Shah, CTO & Co-Founder, HubSpot

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Sean Uprichard


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