Posted: 08 Feb. 2019 5 min. read

The Voice of the UK Workforce

Future of Work insights

Deloitte recently launched the Voice of the European Workforce report, which aims to bring the voice of the workforce into the Future of Work debate, examining workers’ attitudes and views across Europe.

15,000 people were surveyed across ten European countries and the findings of the report aims to help companies better understand all segments of the workforce and tailor to a more diverse pool of talent, attracting and making the best use of this resource.

The report highlighted 5 key areas where workers’ needs and desires should influence the strategies of companies and public institutions around the future of work. In this video Richard Coombes, leader of our UK HR Transformation Practice and UK Future of Work Lead, discusses these 5 areas:

  1. Taking advantage of longer careers
  2. Engaging and motivating a broader workforce 
  3. Shaping strategies for alternative career models
  4. Promoting lifelong learning 
  5. Sending a wake-up call about technological change

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Key contact

Richard Coombes

Richard Coombes


Richard Leads the UK HR Transformation Practice and the FS HR Practice. Richard has many years of HR expertise and specializes in architecting and delivering complex HR Transformation programmes and helping organisations get the most from their people. Richard has extensive experience in HR Strategy, HR Shared Services, HR Applications, Service Delivery Model design, HR Outsourcing, and all areas of HR and Talent Management. Richard has experience across all sectors but is currently focusing on FS&I.