Posted: 30 Mar. 2021 2 min. read

A day in the life of a Brightstart

My name is Ella McCann, and joined Deloitte over 3 years ago as a Brightstart in Consulting. I cannot get over how quickly my time in Deloitte has flown in, having just graduated with a First Class Honours in my chosen discipline of Business Technology. 

My original plan was to study Economics at University after I had studied it for A-level. However, for me the benefits of doing a debt-free degree while working for a global firm and gaining valuable business experience made complete sense to me, so I applied for the Brighstart scheme.

I have been working with my current Public Sector client over the past year, with nearly six months of that working remotely. I am working as part of the Change Implementation and Communication’s team for a large scale operating model implementation. I am incredibly proud of the work and progress that my colleagues and I have been made whilst working remotely in extremely difficult circumstances - which are particularly faced by our front-line Public Sector clients.

A typical day for me involves a lot of Zoom, Teams and Skype calls - even the odd virtual workshop. I kick off the day with a virtual project ‘stand-up’ with my colleagues in Dublin and Belfast. The idea behind a ‘stand-up’ is that each team member has a strict 90 seconds to give an update on what they are working on and to identify any obstacles to them completing their tasks. However, we are an extremely chatty bunch so we rarely stick to our 15-minute time allowance.

On top of my client work I am involved in producing the ‘Belfast Crane Survey’, which is a report on all the construction and development in the city centre over the past year to allow us to understand the level of investment and growth. This will be the fourth year the report has been published for Belfast – check out our 2020/21 survey here (shameless plug). It has been a great opportunity for me to not only to work with my Deloitte Real Estate colleagues, but to also meet some high profile Belfast stakeholders.

As I mentioned, I’ve just finished University, and juggling my final year project and work was challenging but worthwhile. Looking back on everything I’ve done and achieved over the last four years, it’s hard to imagine what life would have been like if I had stuck to the status quo and done the ‘normal uni’ thing (I imagine I would have finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Netflix!). If you have any questions about the work that I have done or you would like to know more about the BrightStart scheme please feel free to reach out to me (

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