Posted: 16 Feb. 2022 5 min. read

People Series - Lewis Esmond,  BrightStart gives an insight into his career in Real Assets Advisory

1.  Why did you decide to pursue a career in Real Assets Advisory (RAA)?

From a young age I always wanted to work in Construction and in the Quantity Surveying profession. I was struggling to identify the organisation that would be right for me, and then I found Deloitte RAA. I knew immediately that this would be the best place. Deloitte have a great network and community of other Brightstarts and graduates to engage with, tremendous onsite facilities including an amazing gym, bike facilities etc, and an amazing approach to flexible working which you may not get in a traditional construction consultancy. There was also an immediate sense of industry recognised capability and prestige you may not get elsewhere.

2. What have you chosen to study at University, why and how will this help you at Deloitte RAA?

I have chosen to study Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management. Within RAA there are many Quantity Surveyors working on traditional construction projects which is what I initially wanted to focus on. However, there are a wide variety of avenues to choose from and get involved with which is great. This course also gives you the option to expand your horizons and work in different areas of the business, for example focusing on assurance or consulting. 

3. How have you found joining Occupiers & Capital Projects (O&CP) having never studied Real Estate at university?

Deloitte RAA have been amazing in building my knowledge of the Construction Industry. I joined with very limited knowledge and the O&CP team members were very helpful and ensured first-hand practical experience to supplement my learning. The team is very supportive and I’m never nervous to ask a question, they’re always there when needed and always happy to talk me through the things I wasn’t sure on.

4. What would you say are the main advantages of joining the Brightstart programme?

The main advantage is having someone to talk to. At University, it can feel like it’s all up to you which can at times be challenging. In a team, especially at Deloitte, the support around you can take the weight off your shoulders. Team members will also be happy to support your progress through professional qualifications such as the RICS APC, to help further your career.

If I was fulltime at University, I don’t think I would have developed the same knowledge and skillset that this environment has enabled me to, especially in a relatively short timeframe. Knowing the content is great but applying it in real world situation propels you forward in other ways, whilst direct exposure to other professionals and clients has been extremely beneficial.

5. What advice would you give to someone considering joining Deloitte through the Brightstart programme?

Be confident and sure of yourself. Deloitte is a high performing organisation but don’t feel scared to apply because of this. Members at my grade are all very similar, joining with very limited knowledge. Your main goal should be to learn from others and to try to push yourself into different areas so you can gain a wide range of knowledge. If you’re the kind of person who learns best through practical application (doing) rather than simply through academic means, then the Brightstart programme is for you.

It's also great working in a highly diverse team. Everyone has come from different professional backgrounds and there is so much to learn from them and their different perspectives. 

6. What have you been engaged on so far during your time at Deloitte?

I have been primarily working on two projects. One is a high rise Grade A Office Space, where Deloitte have undertaken the capital project’s advisory role and are currently overseeing the construction phase. I have been assisting the lead QS in pricing equipment, works and materials. The second project is Deloitte University Europe, which is a learning space for all Deloitte employees where they can take time off work and continue their professional development. I have been managing the delivery of the building. Both have been very interesting and each with different challenges to learn from and obstacles to overcome.

7. Do you feel you have the support you need to develop in the business and why?

Very much so. My team have been great in developing my career so far. Even in the lockdowns through Covid-19, they made my development a priority and always made sure I was happy and had work which was challenging me. Deloitte put their people first to make sure everyone can achieve their greatest self.

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Key Contact

Lewis Esmond

Lewis Esmond


Lewis is a Apprentice Quantity Surveyor. Lewis joined 2 years ago via an internship with Lewis then being enrolled on Deloitte’s BrightStart Scheme. Lewis has already worked on a variety of projects with many different clients, but more recently he has been working on Deloitte University in France with Deloitte as the main client. Also Gateway Central which will be Grade A Offices. Other projects over his time so far with Deloitte are HS2, Deloitte Digital, Deloitte Link Bridges and Refurb and Eagle Hills, plus others.