Posted: 01 May 2017 5 min. read

Where are we after 10 years of change?

Deloitte has been a supporter of Teach First since 2005, playing a hugely influential role in our work to give more young people access to higher education and careers. We were delighted to recently recognise Deloitte as one of the charities first Transformation Partners – a select dedicated group of businesses that have worked with us for over ten years and individually donated over £1,000,000 to our work. This group’s unique and invaluable support has had a huge impact on our ability to reach over a million pupils from low-income communities across England and Wales.

We are immensely proud of what we have achieved through partnering with Deloitte; seeing over 4,000 Deloitte volunteers support over 12,000 Teach First students. Our work together is a flagship example of the unique value created by partnering with businesses, yet we know that there is so much more to do before we see a day where no child’s educational success is limited by their background.

The fact remains today that just one in three young people from a low-income background achieves basic school grades at sixteen, compared to two thirds of their wealthier peers. This doesn’t end at school - only four percent of doctors, six percent of barristers, eleven percent of journalists and twelve percent of solicitors have working-class origins.

Through a mere accident of birth, poorer young people find doors closed and paths to the top blocked again and again. At every stage of their lives – from cradle, to college, to career – new hurdles to social mobility appear that simply don’t exist for those from more advantaged backgrounds, making it virtually impossible for them to reach as high as their talents allow.

We’ve laid this injustice out in a recent report, and present the implications of growing up in a low-income family and how these reach far beyond exam results and university access.

Our work with Deloitte tackles this issue head on and, as a result of our longstanding partnership, we have helped support the delivery of the ground-breaking Deloitte Access programme for over three years. This programme is designed to raise aspirations, support achievement and provide opportunities for students in our partner schools, linking them with staff from Deloitte offices across the UK.

Our partnership also supports the firm’s One Million Futures strategy – the goal to positively impact the futures of one million people over the next five years by addressing barriers to education and employment through raising aspirations, improving skills and developing leaders.

Deloitte's support is helping us continue to tackle educational inequality, and achieve our vision that every young person, no matter what their background, will have access to the future they deserve.

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Kate Condon

Kate Condon


Kate is a Manager in the Responsible Business team working with our charities, schools and social enterprises as part of One Million Futures. Kate drives communications and marketing initiatives to build the profile of One Million Futures both internally and externally.