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Akira’s Story

In 2016 we set out to make an impact that matters to one million people. We’ve worked alongside charity, school and social enterprise partners, supporting access to education and employment opportunities. Today, we’ve reached this milestone. That’s one million people getting to where they want to be. One million futures made brighter. And one million stories to be told. Here’s Akira’s story.

Growing up fast

Akira had a difficult childhood. Growing up, her family struggled with addiction and abuse. Home life wasn’t secure or comforting but instead, isolating. “I spent all of my childhood alone. All of it. And even when I was at home…it felt like I was alone. There was no one.”

Rather than dreaming about what she wanted to be when she grew up, from the age of four Akira was not only taking care of herself, but also her household. She recalls waking up at 4am to pack lunches for her brother and her parents. After a challenging start, she was separated from her family and put into care.

The care system saw Akira move from city to city. Lacking stability as a young adult, she began to struggle with addiction herself and found herself heading down the wrong path. That’s when she decided: enough was enough.

Determined to end the cycle, Akira made the decision to put her head down and find a job.

Gaining independence with 1625 Independent People

Without the help of parents or guardians that many of us have to rely upon when entering our first job search, Akira didn’t know where to begin. That’s where 1625 Independent People stepped in to help focus her efforts.

The organisation not only provided Akira with a place to call home, but they helped her with researching careers, CV writing and interview preparation, all instrumental to helping her land a job.

She also credits 1625 Independent People with helping her in ways she didn’t know she needed – sometimes it was just as simple as offering a listening ear and the knowledge that they were there for her.

Today, Akira not only has her own flat, but also the confidence and independence that comes with securing and maintaining a job. And a job she loves! Her future is brighter, thanks to 1625 Independent People.

Helping the helpers: One Million Futures and 1625 Independent People

Our relationship with Bristol-based 1625 Independent People began in 2016. They were selected by the South West as key regional partner for their amazing work with young people in the community, including providing housing, helping young people secure employment, developing leadership skills, money management education and more.

Over the years, our partnership has included a range of support including volunteer work, donations and pro bono projects. With our support, the organisation has been able to expand the help they can offer young people, such as with their recent initiative, Young Ambition – the same programme that helped Akira land her job.

Partnerships Director, Jamie Gill, said of the partnership at its outset:

“We are over the moon about working with Deloitte, we have been supporting young people for over 30 years and know how much more we can achieve with the support of local companies. Coupling Deloitte’s vast business experience and fantastic staff with our youth services expertise will surely result in amazing work and improved outcomes for some of the most vulnerable young people in our cities.”

Our work continues with them in Bristol, and together we share the vision that every young person, no matter their start in life, should be given the chance to achieve a bright future.

One Million Futures (and beyond)

We know our professionals make the greatest societal impact when they use their skills and expertise to help people. So that’s what we do. Part of our Global WorldClass commitment to empower 50 million people by 2030, our mission is to help people get to where they want to be through access to education and employment. One Million Futures is proud to have amplified the impact of inspiring organisations who share this mission, including 1625 Independent People.

This is our purpose in action: making an impact that matters in society.

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