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Change Please coffee for social good

Most of us have developed our own little rituals to get our day off to a good start. And whether it be putting on the kettle and prepping the French press or popping out to grab a cup of our favourite brew from a local café, for many of us, coffee is an essential part of this morning routine.

But morning coffee is often about more than just a caffeine fix. It’s about taking some time out from the busy day to yourself.

So what if you could stir some social change into that morning brew while you’re at it? What if you could enjoy your morning coffee and contribute to an important cause? Well, One Million Futures partner Change Please is here to tell you, you can. It starts with where you buy your coffee. 

Life changing coffee

Change Please is a London based award-winning coffee company with a difference: as a social enterprise, they are a force for good, determined to change the world for better. You may think that’s a tall order for a coffee company, but with 100% of their profits going toward ending homelessness, that’s just what Change Please is doing.   

How? The company uses the profits from every cup of coffee sold to train people experiencing homelessness to become baristas, providing them with a Living Wage paying job. After their initial training, these individuals begin their new barista roles at one of the company’s sites in London, supported by a mentor, and building the confidence and skills that come with secure employment.

Beyond this, Change Please baristas continue to be supported with housing, personal finance and therapy support. Most crucially, they are supported with onward employment, further helping them on the next step of their journey. That’s what you call truly life changing coffee.

Buying coffee from Change Please can do more than satisfy a morning caffeine craving – it can make a big difference in the world we live in, proving that good coffee doesn’t have to just taste good, it can do good too.

One Million Futures partnership

Deloitte has worked with Change Please since June 2019 as the company joined the cohort of eight One Million Futures social enterprise partners. Since then, Change Please has received a package of support through the programme including financial investment and pro bono projects aimed at enabling the company to grow to scale.

We recently worked with Change Please as they served frontline workers at the NHS Nightingale, donating over 7,500 coffees provided to hospital workers working tirelessly to save lives.

Pro bono projects have included connecting the company’s sales and procurement system, so that they can better understand their stock, cash and profitability positions. We continue to work closely with Change Please to identify ways to support their operations, staff training and business strategy, empowering them to scale and help more people out of homelessness.

Julian Burnham, Managing Director of Change Please, shares how Deloitte’s One Millions Futures has helped 25 people go through their academy programme and how you can do your bit to support this game-changing enterprise too.

So the next time you pop out to buy your latte or stock up on coffee beans, why not buy some from Change Please? Not only have they got an amazing range of award-winning coffees, the money you spend on your daily caffeine fix can go a long way to helping to change someone’s life.

A lesson on the perfect brew

Inspired to purchase Change Please coffee but in need of some brewing tips? Don’t worry, Change Please has got you covered! Watch as Ryan breaks down how best to prepare the perfect cup of coffee, taking your homemade cuppa to the next level. Enjoy!

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