Posted: 16 Oct. 2020 10 min. read

Consulting team helps The Prince’s Trust go digital

New technologies and the impact of COVID-19 are rapidly changing how businesses operate, how customers interact and how people work. 

With all this change, there’s more need than ever for services like those provided by One Million Futures London charity partner, The Prince’s Trust (The Trust), to support young people to develop confidence and skills. Services which were, until recently, mostly provided face-to-face.

The Trust has supported a million young people since it was founded in 1976 and their impact continues to grow in 2020. As part of the One Million Futures programme, Deloitte works to amplify the impact of The Trust through a mix of volunteering and pro bono – the same support that helped The Trust beneficiary, Moses, gain the confidence to chase his dreams after a tough start in the UK.

Here’s how a team in Consulting have helped the youth charity to transform their strategy and digital offering with an exciting pro bono project, helping The Trust to support even more young people to access education, employment and training.

Getting down to business

The group began by scoping the project, forming distinct scenarios for what The Trust could look like in the future. They undertook a strategic review to help the team understand how digital services could most effectively support The Trust’s mission.

When COVID-19 hit, it reinforced just how important digital transformation was. Since the majority of their support services were delivered face-to-face, The Trust took a decision to accelerate the new digital strategy as an immediate and ambitious response to COVID-19. The team’s work became even more essential, ensuring that young people could continue to learn and be supported through these difficult times.

Full speed ahead

In only a few short weeks, and with the added support of a secondment from our Human Capital team, Lauren Latvanen, they were able to successfully implement their new digital strategy. This included a digital on-boarding experience and a virtual learning environment.

For the first time a young person can now see online how the charity can help them, sign themselves up to a specific programme and get access to support straight away through video chat functionality. 

Levelling up

After a successful initial project, The Trust turned to the firm to look at how it could make its services even more accessible.

Over 12 weeks and three workshops, the team worked with The Trust to define the needs of disadvantaged young people in the UK and design a simplified offering including personal, social and career development skills and work experience programmes that address these needs and attract funding from supporters.  

Well done and thank you to all of the teams involved!

The Prince’s Trust and Deloitte will continue to work together as part of Deloitte’s new social impact programme, 5 Million Futures (more on that to come – stay tuned!).

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Key contact

Lauren Burgess

Lauren Burgess

Responsible Business Programme Manager

Lauren Burgess works in the UK’s Responsible Business team, managing engagement across London with our three 5 Million Futures charities - Mind, Scope and The Prince’s Trust. She developed and launched Deloitte’s Volunteer Hub – a one stop shop that allows colleagues across the UK to easily search for and sign up to volunteer opportunities. Find out more about 5 Million Futures.