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Moses’ Story

In 2016 we set out to make an impact that matters to one million people. We’ve worked alongside charity, school and social enterprise partners, supporting access to education and employment opportunities. Today, we've reached this milestone.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to watch the video series in which we hear directly from a few of those who have been impacted.  

Moses’ story: from Zimbabwe to the UK

No water, no resources, no opportunity. This was the harsh reality for Moses as a child in Zimbabwe during times of political and economic uncertainty. He was raised in a traditional family alongside seven brothers and sisters. Growing up, they didn’t have much. But one thing they did have was hope. As Moses describes it: they had to.

So when his parents made the difficult decision to send him, their first-born son, to the UK all on his own, Moses was hopeful. Despite being only a teenager, leaving his family and everything he knew behind, he had hope for a better life. A life filled with greater opportunity.

But when he arrived in the UK, this dream was not a reality. It was far from it.

Financial support from his family soon ran out. Moses found himself on the streets with no one to turn to for help. The reality that he was virtually on his own, in a new country, had set in. He says: “I had nothing to live on… I had nowhere to go...I was literally in tears.” The worst was when it rained. At night, he would go from corner store to corner store asking if he could sleep in the shop once they’d closed, just to have some shelter.

With no formal papers and no high school education, securing employment was out of the question. After seeking asylum twice and being denied both times, Moses had all but lost the hope his childhood in Zimbabwe instilled in him.

Until The Prince’s Trust stepped in

The Prince’s Trust: turning young lives around

Moses was introduced to The Prince’s Trust in his time of need. The organisation gave him someone to talk to about his difficulties, someone to listen. He enrolled in their youth group activities where he was able to connect with other young individuals struggling in similar ways – a community.

Through the Prince’s Trust, Moses participated in a variety of programmes, including career mentoring, sponsored by Deloitte, and outdoor activities courses. They not only provided him with a safe space and the opportunity to make friends, but also restored his confidence and self-belief.

He credits The Prince’s Trust with giving him the courage to ask for help: “The Prince’s Trust gave me back that sense of voice and hope that I lost...I feel like I really have seen myself now.” 

Today, Moses is settled in London and is involved in his community. He coaches youth football, is taking English classes, and can often be found spending time in nature – a habit he developed through The Prince’s Trust. Importantly, he has the life he had hoped for all those years ago.

Partnering for impact: One Million Futures and The Prince’s Trust

For the past 40 years The Prince’s Trust has helped young people in the UK, like Moses, turn their lives around. Working with delivery organisations across the country, The Trust provides free courses, grants, mentoring opportunities and programmes to inspire young people to build their confidence and help jumpstart their careers.

Deloitte has been involved with the charity since 2016. Through One Million Futures charity partnership, Deloitte sponsors personal development programmes through one-to-one support and group activities like those that helped Moses. We have supported the Trust on a number of projects, including their digital and operational delivery strategy. Colleagues are also invited to volunteer regularly to provide guidance and advice for accessing employment and further education opportunities to The Prince’s Trust participants. This includes CV skills and ‘Get Hired’ events among other courses.

Ben Marson, Interim Director of Fundraising at the Prince’s Trust comments: “Only with the help of partners like Deloitte, can we really make a difference to the lives of young vulnerable people and give them the opportunities to succeed. Deloitte have enabled us to support hundreds of young people to transform their lives through fundraising, volunteering and pro bono services. We’re proud of everything we have achieved so far through our partnership. Thank you Deloitte.”

One Million Futures (and beyond)

We know our professionals make the greatest societal impact when they use their skills and expertise to help people. So that’s what we do. Part of our Global WorldClass commitment to empower 50 million people by 2030, our mission is to help people get to where they want to be through access to education and employment. One Million Futures is proud to have amplified the impact of inspiring organisations who share this mission.

This is our purpose in action: making an impact that matters in society.

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