Posted: 10 May 2021 5 min. read

Futures Month

Lee's story

Remember the last time you helped someone out and it gave you a warm glow? Well that, according to Lee Jobson, a Manager in Clients & Industries, is what volunteering feels like. Lee should know - after being at the firm for 25 years, she's a long-time volunteer. It also runs in her family.

This May, during our Futures Month, we’re inviting people at Deloitte to take part in a range of virtual volunteering activities. Each activity is no more than two hours long – it's a small start but even seasoned volunteers like Lee had to start somewhere.

You made a difference

My parents volunteer and my sister is the chair of Breast Cancer UK in her spare time - I don't know if you're necessarily born to do this, but it's something that feels part of me.

At the firm, I've had lots of volunteering opportunities. For one charity, we redesigned their shop and helped them with researching the market and pricing. It's very rewarding. You touch people's lives but, personally, you get even more from it because you know you made a difference.

It's like giving a hug, isn't it? A big virtual hug.

Develop your skills

I work with our Aberdeen office charity, Aberdeen Foyer, which helps people towards independent living and learning. I am part of the relationship team, organising behind the scenes to help make our partnership a success. Every month, we spend two or three hours discussing what we can do to help the charity.

Volunteering through 5 Million Futures can help you expand your own skills, possibly beyond the grade you're at. You might take part in mock interviews with young people before you've reached the point in your career where you would interview candidates. It can really broaden your experience and develop new skills.

It makes me proud to work for the firm. By giving our time through volunteering, we're making an impact within our communities.

You have the skills

To anyone who’s interested in volunteering, I’d say just do it. The benefits will far outweigh any doubts you have. 

Everyone at Deloitte has 3.5 volunteering hours a month – the firm wants us to get involved. We have the skills and it’s important to share them with people who haven’t had the same experiences in life. This is about using those skills to make an impact that matters.  

And besides, it makes you feel good.

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Charlotte Boyle

Charlotte Boyle


Charlotte has been working at Deloitte since 2011 across various marketing roles. She has been part of the firm’s Responsible Business team since 2016, managing marketing and communications for One Million Futures and the recently launched 5 Million Futures programme in the UK.