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Futures Month

Patrick's story

When you support a cause you're personally connected to, volunteering takes on a whole new meaning.

Patrick Bevan, an Associate Director in Risk Advisory, started volunteering when he got involved in sponsored events. But it was when he began working with one of our 5 Million Futures (5MF) London charity partner, Mind, that he discovered just how powerful giving back can be - for both the charity and his own wellbeing.

Deloitte’s Futures Month this May offers a range of virtual volunteering opportunities to our people across the UK as part of our 5 Million Futures programme. We’re also using the event to share some of our volunteers’ stories. So here is Patrick… 

The power of Deloitte

I joined the firm seven years ago and in 2014, took part in Deloitte Ride Across Britain and raised a lot of money. But I also saw how much impact the firm can have, and that was my penny drop moment.

My personal passion is mental health as I have experienced depression in the past. I became the relationship manager for our Mind charity partnership about 18 months ago and knew we could use the power of the firm to help.

Before I signed up, I was a little apprehensive. I suddenly felt a huge responsibility - what if I mess this up? But there was no need for me to worry.

It's not about helping Mind to fix mental health - that's what they do. We bring our skills to help them help others.

Be your best self

There's no expectation from the firm, it's about doing the best you can and having that freedom makes me feel more valued.

I now have three people working with me on the relationship and I let them get on with it too. I can see the joy it brings them when their initiatives land.

Working with Mind during lockdown has been really rewarding. Our partnership has grown into something much bigger than it was previously as we've been able to help them with unexpected challenges. We recently ran an initiative to come up with new ideas for Mind's retail arm, because of shops closing due to lockdown restrictions.

A welcome break

Volunteering has given me so much enjoyment. I've been able to have fun, work to my strengths, build relationships and deliver real impact. It's been a welcome break from the norm.

Anyone who thinks they haven't got the time or the skills should try it and find out. Hopefully they will discover something that fits abilities and the pleasure it brings will outweigh any challenges.

For me, it's a joy. It really is a joy.

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Charlotte Boyle

Charlotte Boyle


Charlotte has been working at Deloitte since 2011 across various marketing roles. She has been part of the firm’s Responsible Business team since 2016, managing marketing and communications for One Million Futures and the recently launched 5 Million Futures programme in the UK.