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5 questions. 10 quotes

The highlights from season 3.5

Seems like yesterday when we were kicking off season 3.5 of our podcast. But we’ve produced some great episodes since and are busy planning for 2021. Can’t wait until then? Here’s look back at the latest from The Green Room.

We’ve had some pretty great conversations during season 3.5 of The Green Room podcast. Welcomed some excellent guests. Learnt a few new things. And had some good laughs too.

We’ll miss producing new episodes for you over the next few weeks. But you know what they say – everything works better when you unplug and turn it back on.

We’ll be back soon with season 4 and some fantastic new episodes. Until then, check out our favourite quotes from season 3.5. Thanks for being there. See you on the other side…  

10 great quotes from season 3.5

Episode #27: Is technology our planet’s best hope?

The impact we’re making on the planet is now happening at a faster rate than it can replenish itself. And we can’t afford to ignore it any longer. But could the very technology that’s shaped our world today now help us to save it?

Two great guests helped us answer…

  • “Attitude is our planet’s best hope, and with the right attitude, technology is one of the best tools.” – Colin Butfield, WWF
  • “Human health and the health of the planet absolutely go hand in hand.” – Siobhan Gardiner, Deloitte

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Episode #26: Will travel ever be the same again?

Thanks to COVID-19, some of us have been discovering our local areas. Others probably need a holiday now more than ever. But we can’t imagine a future without travel. So where do we go from here?

Our two highlights from this episode:

  • “We’ll get through this. People will travel again.” – Andreas Scriven, Deloitte
  • “What’s the one thing people don’t miss about travelling? Toiletries in tiny plastic bottles” – a very serious Twitter poll…

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Episode #25: Do we care more about a brand or what they stand for?

We wake up and brew ourselves a cuppa, using only our favourite teabags of course. We butter our bread using our favourite spreads and we message our friends on our mobiles, the same make we’ve had for the last decade. So why exactly do we have such an emotional connection to them?

Let’s hear it from the experts…

  • “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Annabel Rake, Deloitte
  • “Just because you have a name and a company it doesn’t mean you have a brand.” – Johan Bello, ACNE

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Episode #24: What’s it like to be Black in Britain today?

How often do you think about race? If you’re white, chances are – rarely. That’s because you’re unlikely to be the only person in a room who looks like you. If you’re Black, race defines your experience from the day you are born. We might say we don’t see colour, but our skin marks every aspect of our lives.

Here’s what we learnt:

  • “Black history is all of our history.” – David Wallis, Deloitte
  • “I think the future is better. We’re on our way.” – Sandra Kerr, Business in the Community

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Episode #23: One year on: did anything go to plan?

When our CEO Richard Houston took on the role in 2019, he was prepared for a challenging year, with uncertainty around Brexit, the ongoing audit debate and the pressures of life at the top. But what he couldn’t predict was a global pandemic. A pandemic that would turn our lives upside down and change the world forever.

Two takeaways…

  • “2020 has been a year of challenge, but also opportunity.” – Richard Houston, Deloitte CEO
  • “After a pesky pandemic put things on hold, we’re back with a bang!” – The Green Room podcast team

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