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Our 7 favourite planet-saving resources

The very last episode of Season 3.5 of The Green Room podcast is all about the climate emergency, innovative technologies and taking action now. We left feeling inspired and hopeful, with lots of tips to help us live a more sustainable life. Here, we share a few of our favourite films, podcasts, documentaries and books to check out – after you’ve listened to the episode itself, that is.

This season’s finale is all about how technology could help our planet. The best bit? Our two incredible guests – Siobhan Gardiner, Deloitte Ventures Climate Studio Lead, and Colin Butfield, Executive Director of the David Attenborough Our Planet series.

We always do our homework before recording day, so naturally we had to make sure our Attenborough knowledge was up to speed. Cue weekend Netflix binge.

But we didn’t spend all weekend in front of the telly. We also dusted off our bookshelves and plugged into a few of our favourite pods too.

So here they are. Dive in. And don’t forget to visit our episode page for more recommendations and resources on all things sustainability.

1. A Life on Our Planet

Well, it wouldn’t be a very good list of recommendations without a spot of Attenborough, would it? When you listen to the podcast, you’ll hear all about how Colin and the team came up with the idea for Our Planet. The film follows the changes David Attenborough has seen on our planet in the space of his own lifetime. It’s heart-breaking and inspiring at the same time.

What we loved most: the practical tips to help us all do our bit.

2. New Year Solutions

You might have guessed that we’re huge fans of podcasts over here. And we particularly enjoyed the BBC’s New Year Solutions pod. It looks at how ordinary people can make a difference and covers everything from the food we eat to the cars we drive.

What we loved most: each episode is just fifteen minutes long, easy to digest and packed full of practical tips.

3. My Octopus Teacher

We’d highly recommend spending a magical two hours exploring the underwater kelp forest in South Africa – from the comfort of your sofa. This Netflix film follows documentary filmmaker Craig Foster and the year he spent forging an unusual friendship with an octopus. He learns about the natural world through his relationship with this incredible creature.

What we loved most: the heart-warming story of connection between a human and a wild animal.

4. The Uninhabitable Earth

Ok, so this is a tough read. But it’s an important one. The Uninhabitable Earth tells us a story of our future. And it doesn’t have a happy ending. But it’s not all doom and gloom – and if you listen to the podcast you’ll hear Colin and Siobhan talk about the actions we can all take to change our story.

What we loved most: this is a no nonsense look at what happens if we don’t change now. It’s brutal and it’s saddening, but it’s the kick we need.

5. Turning the tide on plastic

If you’ve listened to the pod, you’ll know that there’s more to saving our planet than cutting out plastic from our lives. But it’s a good place to start. This is the go-to book for anyone wanting to cut their usage. It explains our recycling system, how plastics actually work and gives useful tips and alternatives too.

What we loved most: the handy trackers that help you keep track of your plastic waste and encourage you to cut down.

6. Climate Change – The Facts

You might say it’s cheating to have two Attenborough documentaries on here. But when you’re talking about climate change and the future of our planet, he’s the man to turn to. And this is a little different to his usual style. It’s a comprehensive look at the facts behind the climate emergency, including interviews with the world’s leading climate scientists.

What we loved most: if you’re looking for a clear and concise overview of climate change and the threat’s we’re facing, this is the one for you.

7. There is No Planet B

Sometimes the problem can feel insurmountable. We know we need to do something, but we don’t know where to start. Well, here’s your answer. Mike Berners-Lee looks at the data behind the crisis. He explains the bigger picture, and then he tells us what we need to do change things.

What we loved most: reading everything in one place, without feeling overwhelmed by the scale of the challenge.

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