Posted: 21 Sep. 2020 1 min. read

Welcome to The Green Room

Introducing our new blog giving you a peek Inside The Green Room

New to our podcast? We’re thrilled you’re here. Loyal follower? Welcome back, old friend. Here’s a quick recap on everything you need to know about The Green Room, our new blog and the exciting plans ahead.

The Green Room podcast tackles a tricky question about the world around us every episode. Questions like: What will be the last job on earth? Do working fathers have it easy? Can we finally stop talking about Brexit?

We don’t have all the answers. So we call on clever guests and great research from across the firm (and beyond) to find out.

The fun usually happens in an actual green room in our London Studio – but back in March, a pesky global pandemic put things on hold. Now, we’re back (virtually) with a brand new season.

Inside The Green Room

We’ve got exciting new episodes planned. We’ve got some great guests joining our hosts. We’re set up to record virtually. The Green Room is returning this September with what we're calling season 3.5 – given season 3 was cut short.

We’re looking forward to talk about everything from the future of travel to the climate emergency. In fact, we got so excited we decided to go for a full makeover! A brand new look to celebrate over two years, 20+ episodes and the now award-winning success of The Green Room – and our lovely listeners throughout.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Inside The Green Room

We’ve had some time to think over the past few months (probably a bit too much). We realised what we miss most about producing this podcast. It’s that we get to learn something new every time.

We’re no experts – we’re just curious. Constantly asking questions. Challenging ourselves. Happy to chat about anything. And it turns out our firm has an expert on or done research in – well, pretty much everything.

We heard the cool kids have been doing blogs for years, so we wanted in. Inside The Green Room is our new blog giving you an insight into what it’s like behind the scenes. Expect reflections as we produce new episodes. Insights from our hosts. Perspectives from our guests. And much more…

So you now know what The Green Room is all about. We’ve updated you on season 3.5. We’ve shown you our little makeover. You’re following us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Soundcloud. That’s it for now. We can't wait​ to have you join us for a few insightful (and fun) months ahead.

Liked this post? There’s more where that came from. Visit our website to follow us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Soundcloud. We also share what it’s like behind the scenes in our blog, Inside The Green Room. And if you've got any feedback or a great suggestion for an episode then we'd love to hear it. See you in The Green Room.​

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Tiffany De Koninck

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