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Happy Birthday to us

Come join us in celebrating two years of The Green Room

We’re celebrating our second birthday this week – who can believe it’s been two years since we first stepped into The Green Room! Come read all about our highlights of the past two years and a special episode where our hosts look back.

Two years ago, The Green Room was just a crazy idea. 24 months later, it’s pretty humbling looking back. If we’ve learnt one thing from the last year, it’s the importance of celebrating the little moments and milestones. So hold on to your hats – it’s a (virtual) party over in The Green Room right now! 

We’ve spent over 19 hours chatting to 50 different guests, from CEOs to apprentices to activists. We’ve released four seasons and answered icebreakers about our favourite ice cream, our dream holidays and our happiest memories. We’ve started this here blog and won a few awards too. And we’ve had a lot of laughs along the way.

Our most recent episode looked back at some of our favourite moments so far. And it got us thinking about some of our own highlights too.

From vision to reality

We still remember those early days, brainstorming ideas for this brand new podcast series and what it could look like. Post-its all over the place, marker pens flying everywhere, ideas bouncing off the walls.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you might have read a blog post we wrote a while ago about what we learnt from starting our own podcast. And you’ll know that we didn’t actually set out to start one.

We just wanted to create interesting and provocative conversations on the issues that matter to us all. And we’re pretty proud of how we’ve stayed true to that goal over the last two years.

We’ve talked about everything from imposter syndrome to the future of planet. And we’ve heard stories about CEOs’ first days on the job, young voices fighting to be heard and experts who are fed up of getting it wrong.

Our first day in the studio

Stepping into The Green Room for the first time (it’s really green, by the way), we were full of nerves and excitement. After all the planning and preparation, we couldn’t wait to see how our hosts came together on the day.

We couldn’t have asked for a better first episode, listening to Anne-Marie Malley, now our Head of Consulting, and Matthew Howard, talk about what might be the last job on earth. We loved our first icebreaker, all about childhood dreams, and host Ethan surprised us with his very first quiz too.

Things only went up from there. Our second episode was all about what we could learn from the criminal underground (spoiler alert: more than you might think) and before long we were well into our stride, with a first season all about how our cities were preparing for the future (sadly, no hovercrafts involved) and whether creativity could change the world.

A little hurdle

It wouldn’t be a proper adventure if there weren’t some low points along the way too. Last minute cancellations, long recording sessions, more bloopers than we care to count… But the lowest moment came when we were stuck away from our beloved studio, and had to learn to take The Green Room into the virtual world.

Gone were the early morning coffees and friendly chats before the mics were rolling. In their place – figuring out virtual tech from our own living rooms. But there were silver linings too. Without the need to be on site, we’ve had some incredibly exciting guests join us from all over the world.

The Executive Director of Netflix’s Our Planet series joined from his eco-friendly home to tell us all about what it’s like working with David Attenborough. The Creative Director of international creative agency ACNE tuned in from Sweden to talk about his experiences working with IKEA on some of their most exciting campaigns. And the Race Director of Business in the Community joined us from her own living room to talk about what it’s like to be Black in Britain today.

Big things a’coming

We could talk all day about The Green Room and how much we love being a part of it – in fact, writing this blog is one of our biggest highlights so far. We’ve loved being able to share with you some insights into life behind the scenes of your favourite podcast.

And of course, many of our highlights are still in the making. We’ve got some incredibly exciting episodes up next – including a star guest from the world of sport, an International Women’s Day special, and a look at what the 24/7 news cycle is doing to our wellbeing.

Soon, we’ll also be hearing from George, our podcast anchor, who’ll be blogging all about what he’s learnt from being a host. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll even be reunited in the actual Green Room in the not too distance future.

In the meantime, thanks for all of your support so far. We love hearing from you with all of your feedback and ideas – so keep them coming, and join us in wishing The Green Room a very happy birthday. Roll on the terrible twos…

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