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6 episodes to listen to this summer

Summer – our favourite season here at The Green Room HQ. Cloudy skies with a chance of washout downpour, three outfit changes a day, and all-you-can-eat British strawberries. What’s not to love? We’re currently chilling by the paddling pool, refusing to wave the sun goodbye just yet, coming up with new ideas for the next season. Can’t wait, won’t wait until then? This post is for you.

As a loyal fan of the pod, you’ll know that we’ve recently wrapped up season four on a high with a great conversation featuring the head of the CBI and a Baroness, no less. Oh, and did you see our latest blog post where our amazing co-host Lizzie reflects on meeting Olympic champion Laura Kenny? We still have goosebumps.

Season five is in the works and we’ll be dropping into your favourite podcast app again soon. But we didn’t want you to be without for too long, so in honour of the most unpredictable season of the year, we’ve gathered the sunniest, most summery episodes we could find for you. No two are alike, no two reach the same conclusion.

If none of the below take your fancy, we’ve produced 34 episodes in total (!) so we can bet you an ice cream that there will be one you’ll love (re)listening to. Thanks again for being there. We can’t wait to be back!

Episode #31: Should my next car be electric? | Deloitte UK

What we liked: A cracker from this latest season. We loved chatting to our very own head of electric vehicles Jamie Hamilton and Daksh Gupta from Marshall Motor Group on their first cars, the emotion behind the four wheels, and what it’s going to take for all of us to switch to electric.

Listening suggestion: One for your next weekend road trip to the coast?

Episode #30: Are women rewriting the rules? | Deloitte UK

What we liked: We dare you not to feel pumped after this conversation. We’re big fans of our Katie Houldsworth and Suzie de Rohan Willner, CEO of slow fashion brand TOAST. It may have been our International Women’s Day special, but this one’s for every day of the year.

Listening suggestion: Not just for women, in case it wasn’t obvious. Men and all pronouns welcome – you won’t regret it.

Episode #26: Will travel ever be the same again? | Deloitte UK

What we liked: An obvious addition to the list, yes. We recorded this conversation back in autumn 2020 when travel was still very much a daydream. But it’s still fascinating to hear from travel journalist Ian Taylor and our resident hotel expert Andreas Scriven on the future of travel.

Listening suggestion: Best enjoyed with a mocktail (don’t forget the little umbrella) and a big pair of sunnies, regardless of the weather.

Episode #14: Why do we think about physical and mental health differently? | Deloitte UK

What we liked: A gem of an episode from season two. An honest conversation and a good reminder to look after both our physical and mental health. Give it up for Steve Larke, one of our consulting partners, and mental health campaigner Geoff McDonald.

Listening suggestion: How about indulging in your favourite form of self-care while you tune in? And no, we don’t just mean yoga – a spot of gardening or a neighbourhood stroll are cool too.

Episode #9: Can creativity change the world? | Deloitte UK

What we liked: Nothing like the sunny season to get away from the screen and get inspired by your surroundings. We nearly forgot about this fantastic brain boost with our Chief Creative Officer Andy Sandoz and Debo De from our Economics team.

Listening suggestion: Get creative. While frisbeeing? Kayaking? Painting? Foraging? You do you. It’s is a judgement-free zone.

Episode #21: Are we buying less because we care more? | Deloitte UK

What we liked: This episode is always a good idea, especially after buying yet another summer dress (you deserve it). We couldn’t have asked for better guests to learn more about conscious consumerism – thanks again Philli Boyle from Choose Love and our own consumer expert Ben Perkins.

Listening suggestion: Perhaps not on a shopping trip. Or maybe that’s the perfect occasion? Hmmm. We’ll leave that for you to decide.

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