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6 green episodes for your listening list

Well hello there. It’s good to be back. We hope you’re enjoying season five so far. Episode #35 on hybrid working and wellbeing has got to be one of our favourites episodes… but then again, we do love every single one of them. And if there’s one topic we’re particularly fond of in The Green Room (it’s green after all), it’s our planet. Keep reading for more…

When we were planning season five, we had some fantastic ideas for another climate-related episode. But you know what they say: plans are things that change.

With the COP26 climate summit happening early November, everyone big in climate was pretty busy and didn’t need another event in their diary. The good news is that we’ve been covering climate change in The Green Room for years.

So, let’s look back at some brilliant conversations we’ve had covering the subject – from zero-waste shopping to electric cars and lots in between. Pick out your favourite below or bookmark this article if you fancy coming back later.

6 green episodes for your listening list

Episode #4: Can one small change save the planet? | Deloitte UK

An oldie but goldie all the way from season one, where we chatted to the founders of zero-waste supermarket, The Clean Kilo, as well as one of our own sustainability experts on the power of small changes when it comes to saving our planet.

What we liked: this episode is only two years old, but we’ve already come a long way in terms of single-use plastics. Turns out the little things we can all do add up…

Episode #11: Are our cities ready for the future? | Deloitte UK

Did you know that over two thirds of us will call a city home by 2050? This growth means lots of things to think about, from transport and housing to technology and yes, the environment. Another cracker of an episode from season one.

What we liked: lots actually, but we were particularly surprised by co-host Dara’s anecdote on urban rainforests (*opens Google Maps*).

Episode #21: Are we buying less because we care more? | Deloitte UK

Great question. We loved recording this episode during season three all about conscious consumerism. Probably because we had some pretty amazing guests, including the person behind the Choose Love pop-up stores.

What we liked: from gift packages for refugees to planet-saving loo roll, we can guarantee this episode will get you excited about making a difference through the products you buy. If not, return with a valid receipt within 10 days – oh wait.

Episode #27: Is technology our planet’s best hope? | Deloitte UK

This episode was particularly exciting to produce, because it will be the closest we’ll ever get to having David Attenborough on the pod. We loved hearing from the exec director of Our Planet (and co-author of the new Earthshot book) about some incredible innovations that are helping our planet.

What we liked: binge-watching nature documentaries on Netflix for research purposes, obviously. We even pulled together a list of our favourite planet-saving resources for you. You’re most welcome.

Episode #31: Should my next car be electric? | Deloitte UK

We’re into big questions – and learning more about the world around us. So, with lots of exciting developments in the world of cars, we thought we’d get ahead of the curve (excuse the pun) and ask the experts for help choosing our next car…

What we liked: interesting to learn that our transport will play a huge role in reaching net zero. Oh, and finding out what our guests’ first cars were. Giggles guaranteed.

Episode #32: Can a business make money and do good at the same time? | Deloitte UK

And last but not least, lots of you loved this episode from season four on the role business can play in society and for the planet. If you needed an example, the co-founder of social enterprise Belu Water has many.

What we liked: putting planet and people alongside profit might seem like a risk, but it’s so worth it – even commercially.

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