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5 ideas to inspire your new year

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Whether you have managed to make resolutions or not, the start of a new year marks a point for reflection. The seasons have come and gone, you have yet another birthday under your belt, time keeps rolling forward. So, while you consider all you have achieved and what more you would like to do, it’s the perfect moment for some inspiration. 

Here at The Green Room podcast we have selected a playlist of inspiring episodes for you to listen to. These will give you some food for thought as you launch yourself, hopefully rested and recharged into another full-on year. They could perhaps give you the spark of an idea to make a change and start something new in the months ahead.

Each podcast is around 45 minutes, so whether it’s week one back in the office and you need a breather, or you’re off on those January runs you committed to, pop an episode on and have a listen. 

Become a better ally
Episode #43: How can we be better at amplifying underrepresented voices?

First on our playlist is an episode about how we can support those around us and become a better ally. The adage that we don’t know what we don’t know is particularly true when it comes to understanding other people’s experiences of the workplace. In this episode we hear from two incredibly inspirational voices who talk about their personal journeys – the ups and the downs.   

We learn that being an ally takes continuous and long-term commitment and is driven by actions, training, and accountability. It’s a moment to reflect on how to create a safe space for everyone and why it’s so vital – not only to the individual but also to business.

Manage money more ethically
Episode #44: Could my money move the world?

If you want to both manage your money more effectively and do more for the planet, this episode is a must-listen. The two are not mutually exclusive. In fact, moving your pension into an ethical investment vehicle does more for the planet than becoming vegetarian, stopping flying and changing your energy supplier combined (read that again). 

Recognising the power of money to do good and learning to take better control of your finances is an empowering change you could easily make. For your personal benefit and for the benefit of the world around you. 

Get social, start a team sport
Episode #40: Could technology make us more active?

Well, we couldn’t have list at the start of the year without at least a nod to better health and physical fitness. So here we are, at number three on the list. Don’t roll your eyes and pass this episode by because we all know physical health is important, but what about the impact on the community too?

As our interviewee, Judy Murray OBE, puts it, “There’s the obvious physical benefits, but I think there’s also the social benefits that go with sport, especially at recreational level… So for me, that whole thing of bringing people into a central place where you’re bound by a shared love of sport, in this case, that sense of belonging, is incredibly important within the community.”

Whether joining a team, creating one or helping your community access facilities, give a nod to sport in the year ahead and see what you can do.

Perform like an Olympian
Episode #33: What’s the secret to performing at your best?

Regardless of how much we’ve achieved in the year gone by, most of us would feel that we could have done more, performed better. So why not take some inspiration from an elite athlete? Laura Kenny CBE, a professional track cyclist with four Olympic gold medals to her name gives us her view on high performance. Whether it’s about hitting targets, defining a purpose that everyone can buy into or taking the time to prioritise correctly.

Off the track, the start of a new year is the very best time to reflect and prepare. In the sports world athletes understand that it’s 90% preparation, 10% doing. We would all do well to use this model in the workplace too. Start now!

Create, innovate, inspire
Episode #9: Can creativity change the world?  

We close our list by going all the way back to season 1 and a question that’s very close to our hearts here at The Green Room podcast HQ. We love to come up with creative ideas. Not for their own sake, for you, our listeners. One idea creates a spark of emotion, changes the energy in room, moves your imagination, and leads to more ideas. 

Our interviewees discuss everything from what creativity is to how we can spark it in ourselves and others and create a culture that allows it. We’d love to leave you inspired to come up with more ideas – big and small – this year. You never know where they will lead you…

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