Posted: 21 Feb. 2022 8 min. read

Apprenticeships – Forging a career in financial advisory

Kristy Barker, a senior associate in the South & Wales M&A team, is on track to complete her apprenticeship next year. To mark National Apprenticeship Week, she tells us about her work and her aspirations for the future.

I am currently in my third year of a four-year apprenticeship programme, which Deloitte calls BrightStart, and will be a qualified Chartered Accountant with ICAEW by the end. I am a Senior Associate in the Mergers & Acquisitions team - I was promoted in September 2021 so was an Associate until then.

What does your job involve?

My team advises businesses across Wales and the South of England on a range of business transactions including acquisitions, disposals, mergers, debt raises, and assisting with business and fund-raising plans. My day-to-day role depends on what projects I am involved with at the time, and at what stage those projects are at. For instance, some days I complete research on local businesses to support introductory meetings with potential clients, and other days I might be producing sections for marketing materials to be used in a sale process or completing valuations exercises using data analysis.

I really like that my work varies from project to project. Here are just two examples: last year my colleagues and I supported the management of an automotive salvage business on the sale by its private shareholders to a US listed business. Another project was to assist a client in the Oil & Gas industry with their long-term business planning.

What else have you done?

When I joined the firm, I became a member of the Junior Financial Advisory Committee. With the pandemic, this involved hosting virtual events and activities to keep spirits high during lockdowns. This included the ‘Lockdown Showdown’, a series of weekly competitions between the business units in Financial Advisory.

Are you happy you chose to do an apprenticeship?

I’m definitely glad I chose this route to my chosen career. I have met so many great people and there are endless opportunities. Aside from the social aspects of going to university, in the grand scheme of things I think there are very few minuses to earning whilst learning. In the shorter term, it can sometimes feel like I have a lot more work and less free time than many of my uni student friends. However, it seems most of them work outside of studying anyway.

What are your aspirations for the future?

In the next few years, I want to focus on developing my external network. I would like to think we have come through the worst of the pandemic and will therefore be able to resume attending a variety of networking events which were previously held week-in-week-out. Over the longer term, I would love to work abroad for a year or two, and potentially complete a secondment to a different area of the Deloitte business, so that I can broaden my expertise within financial advisory services.

The theme for National Apprenticeship Week 2022 is “Build the Future”.

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Deloitte is a supporter of National Apprenticeship Week. By sharing our stories, we would like to encourage other employers to consider how apprenticeships can help individuals to develop the skills and knowledge required for a rewarding career, and at the same time help them build a workforce ready for the future.

You can find out more on our apprenticeship programmes on our careers pages  – we offer both higher and entry level apprenticeships.

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