Climate action, great reads and… fairy dust

Leaving free copies of climate books around the UK

We worked with fairies. Now there’s something we never thought we’d say!

Like the best stories, it started with serendipity.

During a chance stay at a hotel in London, someone from our team discovered a library of free books created by the Book Fairies – a magical organisation over 9,000 fairies strong who hide books around the world.

We love a good book. In fact, we’d spent months working on our Lightbulb List, a collection of recommended reads by climate experts and readers to inspire people to take action for our planet.

So we sent an email to the Fairy in Chief (yes, that’s a real job title!). And the rest is history.

During COP26, Fairy volunteers around the UK helped us hide hundreds of free copies of our recommended reads for people to find, read and then pass on.

The fairies are now helping more people discover the magic of books. But you can check out our Lightbulb List for your next inspiring read.


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Lightbulb List

Recommended reads by experts and leaders to inspire you to take action for our planet.

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